Salade De Pommes De Tekre Aux Truffes

"A good recipe for a potato salad, which is in many ways preferable to the famous SaladeJaponaise. Boil and slice the potatoes. Slice also very thin some truffles boiled in white wine. Fill your salad bowl with alternate layers of potatoes and truffles, beginning with a layer of potatoes and finishing with truffles, garnishing this last layer with a row of small, boiled onions, fillets of anchovy and stuffed or plain olives. Season with salt pepper, oil, and vinegar, and, after allowing the salad to become impregnated with the seasoning, serve. salad will suit those who cannot stomach the mixture of mussels and truffles prescribed in Dumas's recipe.

La Salade Du Prince De Galles

To which the Heir Apparent is said to be extremely partial - is stated to he composed of sardines boned and cut in small pieces, lettuce, watercress, and chervil with minced capers; the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs pounded into flour are added, with salt, pepper, cayenne, and mustard, and three tablespoonfuls of lemon juice. The salad is garnished with slices of lemon and pickled capsicums.

Plum's Pride

Is a capital salad; named after its compounder, a retired butler. Ingredients for six people: Three large floury potatoes, three tomatoes, cooked, a small cupful of sliced cold vegetables of any sort ready, a large lettuce, or two moderately-sized, a few sprigs of watercress, some slices of beetroot, a very little onion of the fine shallot kind, tarragon vinegar and common vinegar to taste, mustard, salt, and sugar to taste, and a teaspoonful each of any sauces you may have in use; oil or cream. The dressing is made in the usual way, the vinegar being added by slow degrees, in the proportion ot one tablespoonful to three of oil. The tarragon is used to flavor. Rub the potatoes, while hot, through a sieve, the tomatoes also; and about two inches of beetroot; add the beat yolk of a raw egg with the tarragon, vinegar, etc., and mix all well. As tastes vary respecting the quantities of oil and vinegar, the mixer must use his own discretion. Mustard can be added if liked, also a chopped chili.

Lobster Salad

This is the salad par excellence at this time of year. It is exceedingly fashionable and may be decorated with white rings of hard-boiled eggs and the coral or eggs of the lobster, whilst the fan or tail of the animal and its various long antenna; (feelers) may all play an ornamental part in the getting up of the dish. The lobster must, of course, be boiled, and the meat of the animal, with a sufficiency of green-stuff, forms the basis of the dish. Very small onions and egg radishes may be used when in season, as also chervil, etc. A sauce of oil, mustard, cream, and a little cayenne may be served, either in the dish or separately. The decoration of a salad of this kind may be carried to any length which the fancy dictates. An outer border may be made of alternate slices of boiled potatoes and beet-root, which will look charming. To keep this border in its position, fill the bottom of the dish with aspic jelly, and allow it to set; throw in the "greenerie" in bulk, and cover all with a very thick sauce of cream, oil, and mustard, seasoned to taste; then plant on the center, so as to stand erect, a few of the hearts of the lettuces which have been used, after which build around a border of hard-boiled eggs cut into fantastic forms.