Drink liqueurs and not spirits straight. Rati is the liqueur preferred, and that made in Cluos is considered the best. Absinthe, chartreuse, maraschino and the other liqueurs almost universally employed are equally acceptable and proper at a Greek dinner.


All Greek dinners begin wtih soup and not with hors d'aenvres, which come afterwards.

Mutton Soup A La Greque

A boned shoulder of mutton cooked in mutton broth, taken up and cut in dice; carrots, turnips and onions also cut in squares and cooked in broth, and green peas added to them; puree of split-peas made separately; then all mixed together, mutton, vegetables and puree of peas to make the soup.

Vermicelli Soup A La Greque

A cream-colored soup with vermicelli; made of con-comme' slightly thickened with flour and butter roux; after boiling poured to 2 yolks to each quart, and 1/2 cup cream; hot enough to thicken, but not boil; vermicelli cooked separately and added to the soup.

Potage Marathon

Broth with rice and fresh tomatoes, i. e., rice and tomato soup made with mutton stock; parsley to finish.

Potage Salamis

Yellow, smooth, egg-and-acid soup made of consomme with 2 yolks and juice of 1 lemon to each qt.; the juice beaten into the yolks, and boiling consomme poured to them; made hot enough to thicken like cream, but must not boil; cayenne and parsley.

The Soup Meat With Greens

At all Greek dinners the mutton, beef, or poultry, out of which the soup has been prepared, is always served after the soup. This is a national habit and not a matter of economy; this meat is usually eaten with greens, dandelion leaves or other mild herbs.

Greek Hors D'Oeuvres

It is with the boiled meat that the hors cfceuvres are served in Greece, never before.


Ripe black olives in oil, green olives in great variety, and pickled peppers.

Caviaro Salata

Made of 1/3 caviare, 1/3 almonds rolled to powder, 1/3 bread-crumbs; olive oil to moisten, lemon juice, cayenne; spread on small, thick slices of bread.


Smoked and salted fish; considered a great delicacy.


The roe of the gray mullet pressed and dried.


A salad of anchovies, olives and parsley. It is usual in Greece to leave the hors d'ceuvres on the table during the whole meal until dessert is served.

Greek Fish

Amongst the abundance of the Mediterannean fish the red mullet is perhaps the favorite. It is cooked in oil with garlic, parsley and cayenne, or baked in tomato sauce with lemon juice. Gray mullet, brill and sea-bream are also much eaten. Another favorite way of cooking fish is to fry them in oil, adding butter and vinegar, rosemary, garlic, and capers to the oil they are fried in, allowing them to get cold in the dressing; they are eaten either cold or hot.