Hors D'Ceuvres

Sardines. Prawns. Caviare. Foie Gras. Olives.

Clear Turtle. Thick Turtle.

Soles a la Normande.

Stewed Eels en Matelotte.

Turbot, Hollandaise and Tartar Sauces.

Fried Smelts.

Lobster Cutlets.

Sweetbreads with Truffles.

Salmi of Widgeon.

Roast Turkey Poults.

Ox Tongue.

Boiled Capons and Cumberland Hams.

Saddle Mutton, French Salads. Braized Calves Head.

Wild Ducks. Partridges. Mushrooms.

German Puddings.

Curacao Jelly.

Maraschino Jelly.

Chartreuse of Grapes.

Swiss Pastry.

Dessert. Ices

Lemon Water. Raspberry Cream.

If headings are used and hors d'oeuvres appear under their proper head,they are not designated as hot or cold, however, for their place In the bill shows of which description they are, as the bill of fare on the preceding page illustrates. Had this been in the United States the first section would have been "Blue Point Oysters," and there might have been a total omission of all the other cold hors d'aeuvres, just as in this bill there is a total omission of the vegetables, which of course they had, as not worth mentioning.

To be fair, however, here is an example where both classes of hors d'auvre are printed after the soup, the "Bouche'es Viennoises" being Vienna patties, a hot hors d'auvre, as most of those small trifles are, which in our American bills are classed as entrees.

Menu of a dinner served at the Continental, Paris, being a banquet given to Hon. Geo. Walker by the Stanley Club. The dinner was of thirty covers, and this is what they had:


Consomme aux pointes et quenelles bisque.

Hors d'oeuvre varies.

Bouchees Viennoises.

Turbot, sauce crevettes et Hollandaise.

Poulardes a la ChevalieVe aux truffes.

Langouste a la Parisienne.

Sorbet Jamaique.

Faisans et perdreaux sur croustades.


Pate's de foie gr,as de Strasbourg.

Petits pois a la financieVe. Bomb Glacee vanille et abricots.

Gateau Havanais.

Corbeilles de fruis. Bonbons.

Petits fours.

Xeres. Chateau Durcc. Chateau Clemens.

Pommard. Bacherolles. Medoc en carafes.

Champagne. Heidsieck. Monopole.

Cafe et Liqueurs.

As, perhaps, not one in ten thousand in this country understand French, as applied to dishes in a menu, and as these articles are intended to be informatory, the above may be translated thus:

Soups - clear soup with Asparagus points and the thick soup which we call cream a la duchesse. Hors d'ceuvres - various (varies), us, for example, in the London bill preceding.

Hors D'Ojuvre

(hot) Vienna patties or bouchees an salpiqon. Fish - turbot, with choice of two sauces, shrimp and hollandaise. Entrees - chicken fried, truffle sauce, sea crayfish or small lobster In Parisian style. Sorbet - with Jamaica rum, perhaps a new name for Roman or rum punch. Game - pheasants and partridges on ornamental fried toast. Salads - not specified what kind. Raised pies of foie-gras (Strasbourg fat goose liver), green peas in sauce, moulded vanilla and apricot ice creams, Havana cake, baskets of fruit, candies, small cakes, wines, coffee and liqueurs.