Glass instrument for ascertaining the quality of milk. (See Milk).


The well known finger biscuits or Savoy biscuits made of sponge cake batter laid in finger lengths on paper.

Lafayette Fish

A sea-chubb, so called from having appeared in great numbers at the time of Lafayette's visit to America; it was thought to be a new species and a name was sought for it Cooked by flouring and frying.

Lafayette Cake

Jelly cake with many layers piled high, iced over and ornamented. Flat jelly cakes with colored icings are also sold by the same name.

Laitances (Fr)

Roes of fish.

Laitances Decarpe

Carp roe.

Laitances D'Alose

Shad roe.

Coquilles De Laitances

Scalloped roes in shells.

Casserole De Laitances

Roes in the saucepan; stewed roes in sauce.

Lait (Fr)


Lait D'Amandes

Milk of almonds.

Lait De Poule

A drink of milk and raw egg.

Laitue (Fr)


Lake Trout

The Mackinaw trout; large fish of the trout family caught in the great American lakes; first quality, fine flavor; cream-colored or pink fleshed, inclined to softness, best when boiled. Large quantities are salted and sold by the barrel in brine. The methods and sauces suitable for salmon will be equally applicable to lake trout Truite du Lac a la Montebello. Large trout, skinned on one side and that side larded with fat bacon, stuffed; cooked in the oven with paper over and wine, broth and onion, etc., in the pan. Fish taken up, pan liquor thickened with curry powder, butter and flour. Mushrooms, fish quenelles.

Lambs' Fry

The "pluck;" heart, liver, lights, etc. Same as pigs' fry, shecps' fry. (See next item).

Lamb Fries

Club dish. May be broiled, fricasseed, and stewed in wine sauce, but are generally fried. They are split or sliced, sprinkled with pepper, salt, lemon juice, dipped in flour, then in egg and bread-crumbs and fried. They are hard to fry dry and with the covering of crumbs unbroken, need plenty of room in plenty of fat that is very hot, otherwise they shrink away and are soaked with grease. Should be cooked only as wanted and served hot May be served on a bed of mashed potatoes, or with peas.


Popular name of a kind of wild salad greens. (See Fetticus).


A kind of eel, thicker in proportion to its length, oily, not very abundant Cooked in the same ways as eels, also potted by baking in a jar with butter and spices; eaten cold.

Lamproie A L'Italienne

Fillets of lamprey stewed in wine with oil, onions, herbs and lemon juice.

Lamproie Au Supreme

Lamprey cut up, sauteed, served in sauce of red wine with truffles.


A kind of snipe.

Langouste (Fr)

The crawfish or sea crayfish; a small lobster.

Langue (Fr)


Langue De Boeuf

Beef tongue.

Lapereau (Fr)

Young rabbit.

Lapin (Fr)


Lardoons (Fr)

Shreds of bacon or pork.

Lard (Fr)


Larding Meat

The inserting of strips of fat bacon or lardoons.