Roast pork should, like lamb, be well cooked, carefully and regularly baked; onion and apple sauce served in separate tureens.

Leg Of Pork

Laid in salt for 4 days, boiled until nearly done, baked to finish in a pan with stock and chili vinegar; gravy made in the pan.

Pork Chops, Apple Sauce

Chops breaded and broiled, paper frills put on ends of the bones, to ornament and to handle them at the table by; apple sauce in the dish, and chops around.

Pork Coll'Ops

Neat slices of cold roast leg of pork seasoned, broiled; served with mixture of onions and apples stewed together with wine.

Pork Friture

Salt-pork slices soaked in skimmed milk 8 hours, egged, rolled in flour and fried.

Selle De Porc Frais

Saddle of fresh pork.

Gigot De Porc A L'Allemande

Leg of salt pork boiled, with stewed red cabbage, carrots and turnips, and poivrade sauce.

Carre De Porc A La Remoulade

Roast rack of pork, with remouladc sauce with chopped pickles.

Petit Sale Aux Choux

Salt pork with cabbage.

Cotelettes De Porc A La Robert

Pork chops with Robert sauce.

Cotelettes De Porc A La Bolognaise

Breaded pork chops with grated Parmesan mixed with the crumbs, fried; served with a garnish in center, of mushrooms, tongue, and short pieces of macaroni in tomato sauce.

Filets De Porc A La Marechale

Are pork tenderloins cut in round slices, breaded and broiled; served with potato balls.

Filets De Pork A La Hanoverienne

Pork tenderloins larded braised and glazed, dressed in a circle on dish with stewed white pickled cabbage in center, and brown sauce. Can have spinach or apple sauce instead of cabbage, and name according.

Escalopes De Pork A La Lyonnaise

Pork tenderloin cut slantwise in oval slices, breaded, fried, dressed in a circle, covered with Soubise puree of onions, bread-crumbs on top, and browned.

Escalopes De Porc A L'Indienne

Tenderloin slices with curry sauce.

Broiled Pork Tenderloins

(1) Split open, flattened, seasoned with salt, pepper, powdered sage; broiled; served with a sauce made of the gravy from fried sausages. (2) Served with fried onions, (3) Served with fried apples. (4) Served with butter and fried sweet potatoes, (5) Served with maitre d'hotel butter and potato chips.

Entrecote Of Pork

Pork steak stuffed, rolled up and roasted or braised; onion sauce.

Grenadins Of Pork

Same as grenadins of veal.

Potted Pork

Pork tenderloins cut small and pounded in a mortar, seasoned with salt and pepper, and sage and rosemary, or with spiced salt; mixed with some hot butter; packed in a jar and baked in slow oven; pressed down again when done, and grease drained off; eaten cold or in sandwiches. (See Backbone, Head Cheese, Echinee, Pig, Sausages).