A small variety of Indian corn;the grains burst and turn inside out when parched. There is a great difference in corn, and those who prepare it for sale test every sample in the popper before buying. It has to be kept a year before thoroughly dry. A bushel of shelled corn will make nearly 4 barrels of popped corn.

Pop Corn Balls

If the corn is to be worked into balls, a mixture of sugar, glucose and gum is poured over it, a handful is taken up and pressed into shape like a snowball. The red pop-corn balls are colored with thin cochineal syrup on the hands of the operator.

Pop Corn Cakes

If pop-corn cakes are to be made, the corn is moistened with hot syrup boiled to the crack, pressed out into sheets, cut into sections and wrapped in transparent paper. At the Centennial Exposition the company received $7,000 for the exclusive right to sell pop-corn.

Candied Pop Corn

Is made the same way as comfits and sugared almonds by stirring it over a gentle fire in a candy-kettle, pouring syrup over it from time to time till it becomes lightly coated, the coloring being in the syrup.

Ground Pop Corn For Breading

Croquettes egged and breaded with ground pop-corn have an appearance like snow covering a brown surface, as the pop-corn does not take color readily.