Jersey Pudding

Boiled pudding, made of 2 oz. ground rice, 1 oz. flour, 2 oz. sugar, 4 oz. butter; all worked together; 2 oz. chopped raisins, grated lemon-rind, 3 eggs, 2 spoons milk; well mixed; boiled in a mould 3 hours; lemon sauce.

Jersey Wonders, Or Cakes

Crullers; a rich and crisp sort of doughnuts not made with yeast, not very light; in the form of strips tied up in a knot made of (/) One pound sugar, 1/2 lb. butter, 6 eggs, 1/2 pt. milk, 2 teaspoons baking powder, flour to make dough of it; (2) Another less rich, of 6 oz. sugar, 6 oz. butter, 8 eggs, a glass of brandy, flavoring extracts, 2 lbs. flour; made into dough; cut in strips, or shapes, or rings; fried in hot lard.

Johnny Cake

American common name for any sort of plain corn-bread; originally a cake of corn-meal, salt and water baked on a board set up before an open fire.

Jolie Fille Sauce (Fr)

Fair maid's sauce. White chicken-sauce with hard-boiled yolks, breadcrumbs, butter, and parsley.

Jordan Almonds

Best quality .of table-almonds.

Jubilee Pudding

(1) A border-mould of claret jelly, center filled with whipped cream mixed with cut candied fruits and preserved ginger, (2) A hot vermicelli-pudding made like a bread-custard and baked; strawberry jam and cream spread on top, and meringued over - like queen pudding.


Small ring-cakes, various qualities; best made of 1 lb. sugar, 1/2 lb. butter, 8 eggs, lemon flavor, flour to make soft dough; forced through a star-tube in rings on paper; baked.


English dish of cream and milk curdled with rennet and flavored with brandy; eaten with short-cake. The cream is whipped and spread on top of the curd.


Sea-kale, a kind of cabbage-greens, like cabbage in taste, like endive in appearance; obtainable early in spring when other vegetables are scarce; should be partially blanched by the gardeners by being grown under cover, as the whitest is the best and tenderest. Cooked like spinach and other greens.

Kabobs Or Kebobs

Meat in slices cooked on skewers.

It Is English Or Anglo

Indian. The method is followed extensively in this country, but the word is not used; we call kebobs brochettes. Kebobs or brochettes of meat of any kind have either two kinds of meat or something between the meat, as a slice of liver and bacon alternately is kebobed liver, slices of pork with a piece of onion between each slice is a pork kebob, mutton chops egged and breaded, then a skewer run through the whole bunch, with perhaps a slice of fat salt pork between each chop, is another form of kebob or brochette.

Kangaroo Tails

These can be bought in cans. To prepare for the table the can is warmed, the jelly and gravy drawn off and made into a hot sauce with port wine and seasonings, strained, the pieces of tail put in it; served with croutons of fried bread around.

Kartoffeln (Ger)



Anglo Indian term like kebob. It means "twice cooked." Is not any one thing but a rechauffe or warm-up of fish, eggs or meat with rice or potatoes or boiled peas. (/)-Cold fish and hard-boiled eggs cut up in butter, baked on a layer of mashed potatoes till all are hot through. (2)-Hard boiled eggs and fried onions mixed, and served on a bed of porridge made of boiled peas and boiled rice, mixed together with butter, etc.