D'Uxelles Sauce

(1)-Made of 1 pt. veloute, glass of white wine, and beef extract; mushrooms, red tongue and parsley chopped fine and mixed in. (2)-White sauce with chopped ham, mushrooms, parsley, etc.; used in a thick state for coating cutlets, etc., before breading them to fry. D'Uxelles was the name of a French general.

Eau (Fr)


Eau De Vie


Glace Eau De Fraises

Strawberry water ice.

Eau De Barbades

We had intended to give Martin's views on wines, (1739) including that of Nuitz, "for the health," and that of Hai, as the best in Champagne; whence also cameaTokai, and a wonderful Bo n-chretien pear. Liqueurs, too, would claim a few words, were it only to wonder whether Eau de Barbades could be anything else but Jamaica rum; Esquibar was clearly usquebaugh; and eau-de-vie d'Irlande smells of potheen a mile off.

Ecarlate (Fr)

Scarlet, with red tongue, or corned beef.

Echinee (Fr)


Echinee De Porc Rotie

Roast chine of pork.

Eccles Cakes

Baker's shop pastry; rounds of puff short paste containing a filling of currants and brown sugar, flavored; sugar on top.

Ecossaise (A 1')

In Scottish style.


Cooked same as eels.

Egg Flip

See hot brews. " They can also be drunk in the shape of that 'egg flip,' which sustains the oratorical efforts of modern statesmen".

Egg Nogg And Iced Egg-Nogg

See drinks.

Egg Kisses

Meringues; baked, white of egg and sugar.

Egg Sauce

Butter sauce with an admixture of chopped eggs.

Egg Remedies

The white is the most efficacious of remedies for burns, and the oil extract-able from the yolks is regarded by the Russians as an almost miraculous saive for cuts, bruises and scratches. A raw egg, swallowed in the throat, and the white of two eggs will render the deadly corrosive sublimate as harmless as a dose of calomel.

Egg Oil

Is extracted from the yolks by the family doctors in the southern states, by slowly frying, stirring and almost burning a mass of yolks in a frying pan without any additions.

Eggs In The Arts

In France alone the wine clarifiers use more than So,ooo,oco a year, and the Alsatians consume fully 38,000,000 in calico printing and for dressing the leather used in making the finest of French kid gloves.

Elephant's Feet

Elephant's feet, pickled in strong toddy vinegar and cayenne pepper, are considered in Ceylon an Apician luxury. The taste is said to resemble buffalo's hump. The native of South Africa loves nothing better than a slice of roast elephant.


Game still found plentiful in North America; good meat but not choice game; the flesh is more like dark beef than like venison, without the good flavor of either; is best cooked in steaks; can be cooked and sauced in any of the ways suitable for beef.

Emince (Fr)



Chicory; cooked as spinach; used as lettuce for salads.

Endive Salad A La Francaise

The white leaves only are good. The salad bowl is rubbed with garlic and endive cut up in it; 1 teaspoon salt, little pepper, 5 tablespoons oil, 2 tablespoons vinegar. Two crusts rubbed on garlic; to be stirred about in the salad then taken out.