Currant Lktueur

A cordial; made of 2 lbs. red currants, 2 qts. whisky, thin rind of 4 lemons, 2 oz. ground ginger; let stand 48 hours, then strained through flannel jelly bag; to each quatt 1 lb. sugar dissolved and boiled to syrup; well mixed; then bottled.

Iced Currants

Ripe currants sugared over or frosted by dipping in white of egg beaten with little water; then rolling in powdered sugar and drying for the table. Other uses for pies, ices, "etc., same as. other fruits.


Chops, meaning the rib bone chops, veal steaks are, however, called cutlets. There are cutlets proper of lamb, mutton, pork, venison, veal, but not of beef; the cutlets of beef are called entre-cotes, steaks and collops or scollops; cutlets of small meats, lobster, and such things are imitations of the shape of cutlets. - (See Cotelelles).


Young swan. (See Swan).


Summer squash.


A small flat fish found near the mouths of rivers; good to fry or broil.

Daim (Fr)

Deer; fallow deer.

Cotelettes De Daim

Venison cutlets.

Cuissot De Daim

Leg of venison.


A black plum of high flavor; much esteemed for cooking purposes. Name from Damascus, whence it came. Formerly called the Damascene plum. A very similar plum grows wild in some parts of the southern states.

Damson Cheese

Pulp of steamed damsons passed through a seive, 1/2 lb. sugar to each quart of pulp, dried down by slow boiling and stirring till it makes damson butter stiff enough to be cut in pieces when cold. Served for dessert, and to be dissolved for tarts and cakes as wanted.

Pain De Prunes De Damas

A mould of damson cheese, or of marmalade diluted and set with gelatine.

Damp Cellars

If the air of the cellar be damp, it can be thoroughly dried by placing in it a peck of fresh lime in an open box. A peck of lime will absorb 7 lbs., or more than 3 qt. of water, and in this way a cellar or store-room may soon be dried.


The well-known plant with yellow flowers which change to thistle-down. The leaves gathered young are among the best of early greens; cooked the same as spinach, with a pinch of soda in the water, drained, chopped and seasoned.

Dandelion Salad

The young leaves are eaten in salad in place of endive or lettuce.

Dandelion Wine

A simple sort of domestic wine made of the petals of the dandelion flower and sugar.

Dandelion Coffee

The root has been mixed with coffee during the past 25 years, and sold as "dandelion coffee," a hygienic beverage.

Dantzic Gold Jelly

Jelly having gold leaf carefully mixed in it to make it sparkle; flavored with Dantzic gold-wasser.

Dariole Moulds

Tin or copper moulds of about the size and shape of a common small glass tumbler. They are either plain or fluted, with or without a pattern stamped in the bottom. The name is rarely used in this country, but the moulds are in use everywhere as charlotte russe moulds of individual size, and are used for small steamed pudding's and for blanc mange and jelly.