A bath of oil and vinegar or lemon juice, together with some aromatics, such as bay-leaves, thyme, onion, or according to the kind of meat to be marinaded or pickled, and salt and pepper. The use of it is to steep meat or fish an hour or more before cooking to give them flavor and suc-culency. A dish of pieces of cooked brains, chickens or other cold meat steeped in this and afterwards in batter and fried, is called a marinade of that particular kind of meat.

Marlborough Cakes

Dry kind of spongecake with caraway seeds; baked in long tins; sometimes sliced and dried in the oven for wine rusks. Made of 1 lb. sugar, 8 eggs beaten 3/4 hour, 1 lb. flour, 2 oz. caraway seeds. Also makes good lady-fingers.


Word generally used in this country instead of jam. All kinds of fruit are boiled with sugar to the condition of jam or marmalade.

Marroxs (Fr)


Marrons Glaces

Candied chestnuts. (See Crystallized Fruits.') "One set of workers skin the chestnut, carefully separating it from the inner husk. They then pass through a number of other hands in the preserving process, and when complete they are turned over to yet another set of women to be put in neat boxes, or tied up in dainty glazed paper-bags".

Marrow Frangipane

Not made of marrow; only a name of almond pastry custard baked in center of a rice-paste-lined mould, sugared over the ontside when done. A timbale of almond frangi-pane.


An edible plant; the roots are sliced, boiled and candied.

Marshmallow Candy

A name and imitation; made like gum drops, of 2 lbs. each gum arabic, fine sugar, water and glucose; the gum pulverized and dissolved in the water, glucose and sugar added, and boiled on a very slow fire; 3 whites to every pound beaten light and mixed in, and the whole beaten for 1/2, hour; forced through a tube into starch moulds, cut from the nozzle of the forcer with a knife.




Almond paste cakes made of 12 oz. sweet almonds, 1 1/2 lbs. powdered sugar, 4 whites. Almonds blanched, dried, pounded in a mortar with the white of eggs, sugar pounded into them, makes a paste which is forced through a lady-finger tube in a cord on powdered sugar, formed in rings and curves on pans; baked in a nearly cold oven.

German Massepains Or Marchpanes

One pound sweet almonds, 1 oz. bitter almonds, 1 lb. sugar, little rose-water; almonds pounded with rose-water, stirred with sugar in saucepan over the fire till a firm paste; when cool, rolled out in powdered sugar, cut in cakes, slightly baked.


A fish-stew, consisting of a principal fish in large pieces, with oysters, mussels, button mushrooms, button onions, etc., and wine; to serve as a garnish.

Matelote Sauce

Brown; button onions glazed by frying in butter and sugar, flour added, and broth, herbs, seasonings, wine; herbs taken out, and extract of meat, essence of anchovy, coloring, mushrooms and oysters added.

Matelote Normande

Cream-colored; white sauce made of fish-broth and oyster-liquor thickened with yolks; lemon juice, butter, mushrooms, oysters, scallops, mussels, shrimps, cray-fish, little white wine. Serves as sauce and garnish, to fish en Matelote Normande.