Mauviette (Fr)

Lark. Same as alouette. Different names equivalent to meadow-lark, skylark. (See Alouette, Lark).


Salad sauce; also cold sauce for fish. Made by putting into a bowl two or more raw yolks, little dry mustard, and stirring in drop by drop olive-oil, then some salt, then lemon juice or vinegar, also by drops alternately with the oil, continuing to thicken it by adding oil and thinning with vinegar and lemon juice until sufficient; must be twice as much oil used as vinegar. Two points to observe are to begin stirring the yolks with only a few drops of oil at the start; and, to add the salt after one-third the oil is in. A teaspoon powdered sugar and pinch cayenne to finish; 2 yolks will take up a cupful of oil. The sauce should be thick enough to spread over a dome of salad without running off. It becomes firmer by standing on ice a while.

Mayonnaise Aspic

Good.firm aspic-jelly barely melted stirred into an equal quantity of mayonnaise. It makes a glossy yellow mayonnaise-jelly for ornamental cold-meat dishes and salads.


Term equivalent to salads. All dishes dressed with mayonnaise. A mayonnaise of lobster, of salmon, of chicken, of shrimps. Some salads have no such sauce or dressing, therefore the term is distinctive.


Moulds of fish, fillets of chicken or anything similar, set with aspic jelly or aspic mayonnaise, and turned out when cold.

Mazarin Cake

A raised loaf of butter cake, not sweet, baked in a mould lined with almonds, cut in halves, and rum pudding sauce poured over it.

Mecca Loaves

Boston cream-puffs.

Medaillons (Fr)

Medallions. Small round shapes of potted meat, or jellied meat, like pats of butter; decorated.

Medaillons De Foie Gras

Biscuit-shapes of pate de foie gras variously ornamented.

Melee Cream

For cakes and pastries; made of 1 lb. sugar, 1 doz. eggs whipped together 1/4 hour over hot water or slow fire, and 1/4 hour more on ice; dissolved gelatine, 1 oz. in 1/2 cup water, added while mixture is still warm. Spirits, flavoring essences or chopped figs as preferred. It makes a creamy sponge to fill a border-cake with. (See Gateaux).

Melon Moulds

Tin moulds 6f graded sizes in the form of a half muskmelon. Can be found at most large tin and furnishing shops. They are used to steam puddings in, to press salads in to be turned out and spread over afterwards with mayonnaise, to set ornamental jellies and cream in, and to freeze mousses and other ices.

Menehould, Sainte

Name of a town. "Among French towns, Sainte-Menehould, Mont-beliard, and Saverne, all possess a special celebrity for the manufacture of comestibles, in which the flesh of swine composes the principal ingredient.

A Special Production Of Sainte

Menehould is the pig's foot truffled".

Merluche (Fr)



"Every well-regulated Pennsylvania-Dutch farmer kills at least two fat pigs every fall. The butchering is a grand affair, and all the neighbors join in and help. When the hogs are killed, dressed and cut up, certain portions are set apart for those who helped in the butchering, and for gifts to poor widows in the neighborhood. This is distributed with a liberal hand, and is called the metzelsup. The farmer who forgets the metzelsup is looked upon as one for whom perdition surely yawns".

Metzel Soup Dinner

"Mr. Thomas Brown, of the Enterprise Hotel, Stapleton, Staten Island, has given a ' metzel soup' dinner this as in previous years. He had a large and happy company present to enjoy his hospitality".