Mixed pate; a raised pie filled with several kinds of meat cut in small blocks, interspersed with mushrooms, almonds, pistachios, and small pickles, all solidified in the pie shell with jelly. To be eaten cold. The wall is short paste pressed into the pattern of the tin mould, which opens on hinges, the shell is then filled with flour and baked, then emptied, decorated with nouilles paste, filled, egged over and finished in the oven, and filled up finally with aspic jelly and wine through a hole in the lid.

Pate D'Emince

Mince pie.

Petits Pates De Volaille

Small chicken patties.

Petits Pates A La Bourgeoise

Small patties filled with veal forcemeat.

Petits Pates De Mouton

Small covered patties filled with minced mutton, brown sauce and chopped mushrooms.

Pate Chaud D'Agneau

Lamb pie, hot.

Pate A La Leicestershire

A pork pie made as in the engraving.

Pate Chaud De Laperealx

Hot rabbit pie.

Pates D'Itaiie

Italian pastes.

Pate De Foie Gras

Liver paste.