"Liston was asked by a gentleman carving a loin of mutton: 'shall I cut itsaddlewise?' 'You had better cut it bridlewise,' replied the famous actor, 'then we shall all stand a better chance of getting a bit in our mouths.' " A Welshman's Heaven - "'Heaven,' said a Welsh preacher, searching hard for a comparison, 'Heaven is like - is like - is like - heaven is like - boiled mutton and turnips!' But the Cambrian heaven is still incomplete if caper sauce be lacking to it".

Haricot De Mouton

Same as Navarin. Specialty. "The restaurant department of the Cafe Helder is good, being especially famed for its ragout of mutton, haricot de mouton, or navarin, as it is here called".

Navarin De Mouton

For some reason the old-fashioned name haricot has fallen into disuse; navarin is mentioned to be a more dignified appellation. Made of the shoulder, breast and neck of mutton or lamb cut in square pieces and fried on all sides in fat; the fat poured off, flour shaken in the meat, broth and tomato sauce added. In another pan several sorts of vegetables in small pieces fried in butter with sugar to give color; vegetables, herbs and meat then put together and simmered about 2 hours; small potatoes added last.

Rolled Breast Of Mutton

Boned, chicken stuffing spread upon it, rolled up and tied, baked in gravy 3 hours.

Cotelettes De Mouton A La Jardiniere

Mutton chops with jardiniere garnish.

Cotelettes De Mouton A La Soumse

Chops with puree of onions.

Cotelettes De Mouton A La Provencale

Chops coated with thick sauce of onions, garlic, butter, eggs, cheese; breaded and fried.

Cotelettes A La Vicomtesse

Chops coated with thick sauce of ham. mushrooms, yolks, stock; breaded, fried, paper frills on bones.

Cotelettes Aux Petites Racines

Chops on a border of mashed potatoes, with carrots and turnips in long shapes in brown sauce.

Cotelettes Aux Truffes

Chops with truffles cut in slices in brown sauce.

Cotelettes Panees Grillees

Breaded chops broiled.

Cotelettes Aux Pointes D'Asperges

Broiled chops with asparagus tips in" butter.

Cotelettes A La Durcelle

Chops baked in long paper cases, three in each; mushrooms, onions, brown sauce, parsley.

Cotelettes A La Marseillaise

Coated with cold purge of onions; breaded and browned in the oven; Soubise sauce.

Cotelettes A La Bohemienne

Chops marinaded, breaded, broiled; sauce made of some of the marinade with tomato and brown sauce and currant jelly.

Cotelettes En Robe De Chambre

Chops coated with veal forcemeat, eggs, and breaded; browned in oven; gravy sauce.

Cotelettes A La Reforme

Chops breaded with chopped or grated ham mixed with the crumbs, fried, and served with reforme garnish.

Cotelettes A La Marquise

Chops with a slice of ham laid on each, and veal forcemeat spread on it; breaded on top, and browned; white sauce with chopped ham.