Hamburg Beef

Beef cured in a salt pickle with spices and herbs; spiced beef.

Hamburg Steak

Beef sausage meat containing minced onion and a slight flavor of garlic, formed in flat round pats and fried in butter; served either as plain steak for breakfast, or with various sauces as a dinner entree.

Hanche De Mouton (Fr)

Haunch of mutton.

Hand Grenades

For extinguishing fires. They are thin bottles filled with a chemical liquid said to consist of 4 oz. carb. soda, 2 oz. alum, 2 oz. borax, 1 oz. pearl ash, 1 lb. solution of silicate of soda, 1 gal. water; corked in easily broken bottles which are thrown into the flames if fire breaks out.

Hanover Buns

Small round rolls or rusks, made of 1 lb. flour, 1 oz. yeast, 1/4 pt. warm milk, 6 oz. butter, 2 oz. sugar, 4 yolks, rind of 1/2 lemon; farmented and worked like bread.

Haricots (Fr)


Haricots Blancs

Navy beans.

Haricots Verts

String beans.

Haricots Flageolets

See Flageolets.


A mutton stew with vegetables; brown. (See Navarin).


Various contrivances with cooked meat; generally small pieces in a brown gravy.

Corned Beef Hash

(1) Corned beef chopped small and mixed with mashed potatoes, smoothed over in a pan, buttered, and baked brown. (2) Minced corned beef and minced potatoes with an onion, salt and pepper simmered in a little broth and stirred around till partly thickened; served out of the saucepan, sprinkled with parsley.

French Hash

Minced onion, butter and flour fried together, water to make sauce of it, small pieces of beef thrown in; when hot, two yolks stirred in, and glass of wine, and seasoning.

Hachis A La Toulousaine

Hash balls or croquettes of beef made by mincing cooked beef and adding boiled calf's brains and yolks enough to make a paste of it; seasoned with aenhovy essence salt, pepper, spices; balled up, breaded, fried; tomato sauce.

Hatelet (Fr)

Skewer; same as atelet and brochetle generally, however, used to designate the silver skewers used for the decoration of cooked meats.


A Texas sportsman has pronounced hawk to be excellent food. He found the smell "exceedingly comforting," and, though rather richi hawk was "tender, of a gamey, very good flavor, peculiar to itself, and entirely different to that of any other bird I ever ate," he writes.

Heavenly Hash

"The curious name for the newest American fashionable dish: Oranges, bananas, lemons, apples, raisins, and pineapples are cut up into little bits, worked just enough to thicken their juices, and then served with a grated nutmeg. But the serving is the pretty part. Cut a hole large enough to admit a spoon in the stem end of an orange, which you empty, then fill with the hash, and serve on a little glass fruit-dish with lemon or orange leaves.

Head Cheese

Cold dish made of pig's head boiled with seasonings; cut in pieces, stewed down again with the strained liquor, and either allowed to set in the liquor, which is a firm jelly when cold, or pressed into a solid cake. Collared brawn, collared rind and frontage de cochon are other names of the same dish, the ingredients being slightly varied with other odds and ends of meat.