A borax valley was discovered in California, a dead valley, so-called, or alkali tract, in which was no life; and this proved to be a great, indeed an inexhaustible deposit of borax, and a company was formed to work it. The discoverer found the carcass of a horse there which had died several months before and was still like fresh meat, the boron, boracic acid, or whatever the name of the principle might be, having preserved it. • It is said the various useful properties of borax were known to the ancient Egyptians who used it in embalming their dead. They have been well known in recent times, but the material was too scarce to al -low the knowledge to be of much use.

Boracic Meat Preservation

A new process of preserving meat consists in injecting a solution of boracic acid into the blood of an animal immediately after it has been stunned, and before the heart has ceased to beat, the whole operation, including the removal of all the blood and chemical fluid from the body of the animal, only takingafew minutes. A demonstration of the effects of this process has been given at the Adelphi Hotel, London. The joints cut from a sheep, which had been hanging for more than seven weeks at the House of the Society of Arts, were cooked in various ways, and those present agreed that the meat was equal to ordinary butchers' meat.