"A few days ago I saw a beautiful exception, which combined simplicity with grace and artistic effect: it was a ham glazed in the usual manner, but decorated only with a large spray of imitation lilies of the valley; the stems and the leaves were cut from cucumber-peel, and the little flowers simulated by cutting thin slices of boiled white of egg to shape. It will be easily understood that the thinly cut cucumber-peel lends itself very kindly to the subject; the bright green color, the fine stems bowed with the weight of the flowers, and the leaves raised and twisted into natural positions, would satisfy a culinary Oscar Wilde. The idea can be easily extended: with the yolk and the white of an egg, beat together and steamed into an extra firm a la royale custard, primroses can be imitated. Fuchsias can be done easily by cutting them from long radishes, and lemon-peel might be persuaded to turn itself into a flower of fancy; in all cases, the stems and leaves appropriately cut in cucumber-peel".