Green Pea Soup A La Duchesse

Dry green peas boiled with ham and herbs, rubbed through a seive; the liquor added, and croutons.

Green Pea Soup A La Marly

Green peas in chicken broth, with shreds of lettuce and chervil.

Green Pea A La Printaniere

Puree of peas with asparagus tops, siring beans cut small, green herbs, sugar, butter, etc.

Green Pea A La St. Cloud

Green peas boiled with salt pork and herbs in veal stock, skimmed; fried crusts.

Green Pea A La St. Germain

Green puree of peas with "royal" custards composed of puree and eggs cooked in small moulds.

Green Pea Soup With Rice

Puree soup with boiled rice.

Pea Soup A La Napier

Peas boiled with salt pork, passed through a seive, the pork cut in dice and fried, served in the soup with cut mint.

Pea Soup A La Villageoise

Peas and shred vegetables in beef stock, with sippets of bread.

Pea And Brunoisesoup

Brunoise with puree of peas and sippets of bread.

Pea And Julienne Soup

Puree of peas with julienne vegetables.

Split Pea Soup

Split-peas boiled with salt pork, passed through a seive, in stock slightly thickened; fried croutons.

Puree Of Lentils

Lentils boiled with salt pork, and same as peas and beans.

Puree Of String Beans

Green soup; beans cooked in salted water, passed through seive, in stock thickened with roux, sugar, butter, boiling cream, coloring, croutons.

Puree Of String Beans A La Savart

Whole peas and short-cut string-beans added to the preceding.

Bean Soup

White navy beans boiled, passed through seive, in slightly thickened stock of salt pork, etc.; milk or cream; croutons.

Puree Of Lima Beans

Beans and various vegetables boiled and puree together; white stock; croutons.

Puree Of Fresh Beans

Green shelled beans boiled with salt pork and onions, beans and onions through a seive, together, in thickened broth; croutons.