Puree Of Potatoes A La Faubonne

Potatoes cooked with ham, pounded through a seive in beef stock with yolks, butter, and julienne vegetables.

Puree A La Jackson

Puree with boiling cream, little sugar, butter, croutons.

Puree A La Parmentier

Cream of potatoes with chervil and sorrel. "The potage Parmentier is prepared as follows: Peel a dozen potatoes, slice and put them in cold water. Slice two onions, a head of celery, and the white part of two leeks. Put these ingredients in a stewpan with four ounces of butter and the sliced potatoes. Fry the whole for ten minutes, and then moisten with two quarts of white broth. Add three cloves, some salt, a bunch of parsley, and let simmer until the vegetables are done; then rub through a fine seive or tammy. Return the puree into a stewpan; set it on the fire to boil slowly, adding a little broth if the soup is found too thick. Let it simmer for twenty minutes, taking off the scum as it rises. When ready to serve, add a liaison of four yolks of eggs, diluted with half a pint of cream, and four ounces of butter, divided into small pieces. Throw in the soup a little finely-chopped and blanched chervil, and send to table separately some small fried croutons".

Puree Of Potatoes A La Turenne

Potatoes baked and mashed, milk, broth, fried salt-pork squares and fried sorrel.

"Good Woman's Soup"

Now a first-class recipe for that eminently French soup, a la bonne femme:

Puree Pomme A La Bonne Femme

Peel two quarts of potatoes, mince, and boil in a sufficiency of good bouillon; pass the puree through a tammy,and pout it into a saucepan, where allow it to boil; add some blanched lettuces and a handful of minced sorrel, allowing the boiling to continue until the lettuces are cooked. Prepare a garnish of vegetables - asparagus-tops, cauliflowers, green peas, a handful of Brussels sprouts cooked in salt and water, strained after cooking, and mixed with butter. At moment of serving add the vegetables to the puree, and bind with five yolks mixed with a pint of sweet cream and a pinch of nutmeg. Do not allow the soup to boil after adding the cream".

Potato Soup With Leeks

Fried leeks in shreds stewed with cut potatoes in stock; sippets of bread.