Riz A La Flamande

Thickened stock with rice and assorted vegetables, including Brussels sprouts or cabbage cut small.

Riz A L'Indienne

Curry soup with rice and pieces of chicken.

Riz A La Maintenon

Cream-colored with yolks and cream, and sliced breast of chicken.

Riz A La Paysanne

Vegetable soup with rice.

Riz A La Sultane

Stock of mutton, chicken, ham and vegetables strained; colored with saffron, yolks, cream; chicken meat and sultana raisins.

Riz A La Turque

Little timbales of but tered rice, yellow with saffron, served aside with beef broth.

Riz Aux Pointes

Clear soup with rice and asparagus tops.

Riz Au Kari

Yellow, slightly thickened, curry and roux, cooked rice added.

Riz Au Julienne

Julienne soup with rice.

Riz Au Tapioca

Cooked rice added to tapioca clear soup.

Riz Au Tomate

Consommd, tomato purge and rice mixed.

Risotto A La Piemontaise

See Italian.

Cream Of Rice A La Buffon

Puree of rice with cream, chicken broth, etc., and small quenelles and asparagus tops.

Cream Of Rice A La Cavour

Cream puree with short macaroni and "royal" custards made with almond milk.

Cream Of Rice A La Medicis

Very small fried rice croquettes and grated Parmesan in cream of rice.

Cream Of Rice A La Princesse

Cream purge with asparagus tops. Cream of Rice a la St.


With lozenge shapes of bread fried in butter.

Rice Pilaf

Sec Oriental Cookery.