Fish - Soft Clam Soup

Clams opened and hard part removed, boiled two minutes in broth, add boiling milk and white sauce or thickening, butter, mace, salt, pepper, crackers.

Clam Soup, American Style

Same as oyster soups; in milk with butter and white sauce or thickening, parsley, crackers.

Clam Chowder

See Chowder.

Oyster Soup, White

Milk, white sauce or thickening, oyster liquor, oysters soft cooked, butter, crackers, seasonings. "Put 4 doz. oysters with their liquor into a stewpan, and when upon the point of boiling drain them upon a seive, catching the liquor in a basin. Put the oysters into a soup tureen, taking off the beards to throw into the liquor, and then melt 1/4 lb. butter in another stewpan on the fire, to which add 4 oz. tlour; stir slowly, keeping it quite white, over a slow fire; let it become cool, then add the liquor with the beards, 2 qts. stock and 1 qt. milk. Season with salt, cayenne, 5 peppercorns, half a blade of mace, 1 dessertspoonful of anchovy and 1 tablespoonful of Harvey sauce, stirring till boiling. Boil quickly at the last, then skim well, add 1 gill of cream, strain through a sieve over the oysters, and serve".

Oyssters Aux Fines Herbes

Fish broth and oyster liquor thickened, half-fried shallots, mushrooms, parsley and oysters in it, and white wine; no milk.

Oyster Soup With Okra

Fried onions and ham, in butter, tomatoes, oyster liquor, green pepper, okra in thin slices, oysters added last; an oyster gumbo.

Crayfish Soups

See Bisques.

Mussel Soup

See Mussels.

Lobster Soup A L'Indienne

A lobster curry soup; salt pork, ham and vege tables fried; curry, flour and stock added; lobsters boiled and pounded (shells and all) with yolks and cream, and strained through a seive; lobster meat and rice in the soup.

Lobster Soup A La Mariniere

Pink-colored; fish broth thickened, containing lobster butter, lobster meat, clams, small onions, sherry.

Puree Of Lobster With Rice

See Bisques.