Turnip Puree Soup

Use young white garden turnips. Peel, boil two minutes, then pour off the water; slice the turnips and allow 1 lb. of the vegetables to a pint of separated milk; 12 whole white peppercorns, one blade of mace. Stew till the turnips are tender, then puree through a steel wire sieve; add also a couple of bottled or canned button mushrooms, 1/4 oz. of powdered sugar, and salt to taste. Put the puree into a large stewpan, add good white stock to make it of a proper consistence; stir over the fire till it is quite thick and hot, beat in 1/2 oz. of butter to the pint of soup, or add cream to give it a soft, mellow taste; pour into a hot tureen, and serve.

Puree Of Turnips And Rice

The two pounded and strained together in veal stock and milk, butter, croutons.

Puree Of Turnips A La Savoisienne

Turnips fried first, flour, stock, tomatoes; through a sieve; served with grisini bread. Puree of Turnips with Sago, rice or tapioca can be varied at will.

Puree Of Turnips A La Freneuse

A cream of turnips with balls of turnips scooped out, and sippets of bread.

Cream Of Turnips A La Conde

Is a puree of beans with turnip puree made into "royal " custards cut in squares in it instead of croutons.