Calf's Head Soup A La Duchesse

White soup with calfs' head cut in squares, pieces of macaroni and small quenelles.

Calf's Head Soup A La Brighton

Veal broth with vegetables and aromatics, thickened, sherry, head cut in squares, small balls of veal sausage meat, lemon slices.

Mock Turtle A La Francaise

The pressed calf's head cut in dice, espagnole, tomato sauce and beef broth mingled, sherry, chopped yolks, parsley, lemon.

Mock Turtle A L'Anglaise

It is made either clear or thick, the stock as for espagnole without tomatoes, calf's head cut in squares, sherry, port, egg quenelles, lemon.

Calf's Foot Soup A L'Anglaise

Feet boned, pressed, cut in dice when cold. Soup made of the stock of the feet and other meats and vegetables the same as with calf's head; meat squares in the soup, chopped yolks and lemon slices.

Calf's Foot A La Dumas

Aromatic calf's foot and veal stock with marsala, thickened, feet cut in dice, lemon slices aside.

Calf's Tail Soup

Light color, thickened, Rhine wine, pieces of tail and parsley.

Potage Tete De Veau

Calf's head soup.

Potage A La Fausse Tortue

Mock turtle soup.

Potage Queues De Veau

Calf's tail soup.

Potage Aux Pieds De Veau

Calf's foot soup.

Potage A La Comtesse