Vegetable Soup A La Bourgeoise

Stock with salt pork and cabbage and various vegetables, all sliced and served in the soup with sliced bread.

Vegetable Soup A La Hollandaise

Balls scooped out of several colors of vegetables and peas, beans, cauliflower; cream soup with the cooked vegetables added.

Vegetable A La Polonaise

Polish soup of stock, bacon, fowl, smoked sausage,cabbage, onions; thickened; all sliced in it to serve.

Polish Soups

" In the first place there is Bigos, dear to the compatriots of Dombrowski as that general's name itself, a kind of stew prepared with pork sausages, sauerkraut, ham and bacon, wrapped tightly in a napkin and boiled for 2 hours. Their favorite soup is called Barszoz, which I have often eaten at Boncrelle's establishment in the Avenue de Cracovie, at Warsaw, and which I can conscientiously recommend. It is made out of beef-bouillon, in which slices of red beetroot are boiled. Kapusniak, another national soup, is very nasty, but very much liked; it is made of sauerkraut and bacon boiled in beef-soup. Ucha is a Russian soup, but, nevertheless, much appreciated in the oppressed country. A fish-soup it is, prepared from sterlets".

Vegetable A La Fermiere

Various vegetables sliced, fried, then boiled in stock; sorrel, chervil, bread.

Consomme Julienne

Veg-etables shredded very fine, half-fried in butter and sugar; clear consomme added.

Soupe Julienne A La Montpensier

Julienne with "royal" custards.

Soupe Julienne A La Russe

Made with shreds of beets, kohlrabi, knot-celery, mushrooms, red tongue, ham.

Julienne Aux Oeufs Poche

A soft poached egg in each plate of soup.

Potage Benoy

Differs from julienne in so far that in the former the vegetables are cut into dice and fried before putting into the soup.

Consomme Brunoise

A11 sorts of vegetables cut into small squares, half-fried with sugar and butter, in clear stock with green peas and shreds of green herbs.

Brunoise With Italian Pastes

Rice, croutons, tapioca, etc., can be varied at will.

Potage Dieppoise

A vegetable soup like julienne with potatoes added, and croutons.

Potage Fau Bonne

Puree of peas with small white onions, sorrel, and chervil added.

Potage Nivernaise

A vegetable-soup; the vegetables scooped like large peas, with small Brussels sprouts and chicken quenelles.

Potage Solferino

A vegetable broth with green peas, new potatoes, string beans, shred green herbs and pieces grisini bread.

Barsch A La Polonaise

See Barzez. Red-beet liquor clear, containing small-cut pieces of beef, duck, sausage, beets.

Flemish Soup

Like Brunoise, with all sorts of vegetables cut in shapes, and Brussels sprouts and sippets additional.

Potage Livonien

Puree of all sorts of vegetables and rice, with cream and croutons.