Tapioca Soup A La Montglas

Thin tomato soup with tapioca, macaroni cut short, breast of chicken and red tongue in shreds.

Tapioca Au Consomme

Clear soup with tapioca.

Tapioca And Tomato

Thin tomato soup with tapioca.

Tapioca With Rice

Clear soup with tapioca and rice.

Sago Soups

Same variations as tapioca.

Potage Au Sagou

Sago soup.

Potage A La Jenny Lind

Sago cream soup, yellow with thickenings of yolks.

Potage A La Recamier

Wash 1/4 lb. best pearl sago thoroughly, then stew it quite tender and very thick in water or broth (it will require nearly a quart of liquid,which should be poured on to it cold and very gradually heated), then mix with a pint of boiling cream or milk, and the yolks of four eggs, and mingle the whole carefully with two quarts of sliong veal or beef stock, which should be kept always boiling. Serve immediately.

Cream Of Semolina

Farina cream soup finished with yolks, cream, butter, and light croutons.

Potage Semolina A La Piemontaise

Game broth with farina and quenelles of farina, butter and cheese.

Potage Semolina A La Venitienne

Farina cream soup light yellow with yolks, wine, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese and fillets of partridges.

Potage Baraquine

White tapioca soup with strips of chicken and truffles.

Potage A La Goufpe

Brown tapioca soup with squares of chicken breast, tongue and truffles.

Po Tage A La Creme De Tapioca

Tapioca cream soup.