Pudding material made from wheat; it is like sifted corn-meal to the touch. There are two kinds, one being Graham farina, which is used principally for making mush or porridge for breakfast or supper; takes 3 oz. to a quart of water or milk; requires long cooking in a bain-marie or double kettle; pastry cooks let it simmer in milk for puddings at side of the range, then mix in sugar, butter and eggs, and bake.

Farina Custard Pudding

Made thin with farina boiled in milk, and thickened with sufficient yolks, sugar, butter, flavoring; baked; served with sauce.

Boiled Farina Pudding

Made with 3 oz. in 1 qt. milk; simmered till thick, little sugar, butter, 2 yolks; served in saucers with thick lemon-syrup sauce.

Consomme With Farina

Soup first made clear; 1 oz. farina to each qt., washed, and simmered in it till transparent.

Farina Cup Custard

Boiled custard, of 1 oz. to 1 qt milk, well cooked in it,.4 yolks to each qaart, sugar, flavor; made cold in ice water; served in cups.

Farina Ice Cream

Cup-custard frozen; it is also called Frozen Farina-Pudding.