Spanish name of a thick soup made of liver and giblets, onioqs, green peppers, and rice.

Goo Goober Or Guber Pea

Southern popular name for the pea-nut or ground nut.


One of the present favorite dinner cheeses, said to have largely displaced English Stilton. It is an Italian cheese; can be found at most of the fancy groceries or wine and oil importing houses.

To Keep Gorgonzola Cheese

Cover it thoroughly with well-buttered white paper, so as effectually to exclude the air; then wrap it in brown paper. It should be looked at from time to time, and fresh buttered paper put on. It should be kept in a cool dry place.

Goujon (Fr)

Gudgeon; a small river fish.

Gout (Fr)

Taste; flavor. Goutez la! - Taste it! Haut-gout - High-flavor.


Name of a Boston physician who zealously advocated the use of unbolted wheat-meal for bread instead of fine flour, hence the name of Graham flour, bread, farina, etc., all made of whole meal.

Granito Fit)

Iced punch of various sorts. (See Ices).

Grapes To Keep

Packing in dry sawdust, or hanging by single bunches on lines in a cool dry basement-room are the most effective ways.

Grape Wine

Home-made grape wine is made in localities where grapes abound by the same method as cider; it ferments itself, and when that is nearly over it is drawn off into a sulpher-smoked barrel, a gallon or two of native spirit added, such as apple or peach brandy or corn whiskey, and the barrel is tightly closed and stored away.

Grape Fruit

Name of a large sort of orange, acid but with a grape-like flavor, common in Florida and the West Indies and plentiful in Southern markets; the shaddock.

Gravy Soup

English name for rich beef soup.

Gravy Beef

Rough cuts only fit for stewing.


A fresh water fish found in the great lakes and rivers, also as mentioned by Izaak Walton, in English rivers, silver scaled, weight from I to 5 pounds.


An excellent plum which remains green when ripe. Cooked and used in all the ways suitable for apricots; acceptable for contrast of colors in compotes, jams, jellies and ices.

Green Anchovy Butter

Forfish, chopped parsley leaves, the juice squeezed through a napkin by twisting, mixed with anchovies and butter, pounded and put through a seive. Must be lukewarm to mix, then made cold.

Green Sauce

Bignon's sauce vert. Used us mint sauce with roast lamb and cold meats; made of equal quantities of capers, parsley, chives, gherkins, and tarragon. Mince the whole very fine, and mix it all together. Then season with pepper and salt and cayenne, and put it into a jar with tarragon vinegar. When it is wanted to serve, take as much as is required; put it into a bowl with a sufficient quantity of chervil, a little French mustard and the necessary amount of salad-oil.

Green Goose

Spring goose. (See Goose).


Thin slices of veal and some other meats larded.

Grenadins De Filet Debojuf A La Financiere

Thin slices of tenderloin, larded, cooked in murepoix or seasoned stock, served in the' reduced sauce with Financiere garnish.

Grenadins De Veau Aux Petites Racines

Thin oval slices of veal larded with strips of fat pork, braised in a pan with aromatics, glazed in their own sauce, served with potatoes, carrots and turnips half fried, then stewed in brown sauce.

Grenadins De Veau, Sauce Tomate

Served with tomato sauce.