Fruits stewed in syrup so as to keep the original shape, not broken.

Compote Of Pears

Pears pared, but not divided, simmered in porcelain kettle with water to cover; dipped out, syrup made of 1 lb. sugar to about S pears, little cinnamon, glass of sherry added to the pear liquor, boiled down, pears in it; served cold.

Compote De Abricots

Apricots stewed in syrup.

Compote De Prunes Reinec Iaude

Greengage plums boiled in syrup.

Compote De Peches A La Conde

Peaches boiled in syrup and terved on a bed of rice, sweetened, red currant jelly diluted poured over. The best qualities of California canned fruits in syrup are fine compotes ready made.

Compote De Fruits A La Nokmande

Pear butter; made by stewing pears in cider or perry.

Compote D'Oranges

Quarters of oranges boiled in syrup; served hot with a border or cassolette of rice flour, or cold with cake.

Compote De Marrons

Chestnuts boiled in syrup with lemon juice; served on oval pieces of fried bread dipped in diluted jelly.

Compote Of Peaches A La Conde

Peaches in halves in syrup; rice made like pudding, part cooked as peach-shaped croquettes, remainder a bed to build the peaches upon; ornamented with candied fruits and syrup over the peaches and around the croquette border.

Pommes A La Parisienne

A compote of apples in quarters, stewed with butter in the syrup; served on toasted rusks (brioche), red currant jelly in the syrup poured over all.

Iced Compote Of Strawberries

Fresh berries made ice-cold on ice; syrup and sauterne wine mixed and frozen and spread over the berries.