Caerphilly Cheese

A special kind produced in Wales.

Cailles (Fr)


Caisses (Fr)

Little cases of paper or wafer paste, size of patty pans or tumblers and of various shapes, for serving souffles and small meats, also for ices, as biscuits glaces.


Various kinds may be found mentioned under their respective letters.


Dealers' name for large deep-sea oysters, set apart for cooking- purposes; smaller ones being better to serve raw.


The meat attached to the back or upper shell of the turtle.


The meat attached to the belly or lower shell of the turtle. In consequence of the prominence given to turtle by its adoption at the stupendous civic banquets in London as the leading luxury for the past 150 years, a knowledge of the parts and ways of cooking is essential to a gastronomic education. (See turtle).

Calf's Brains

See brains.

Calf's Feet

Are freed from bones after cooking, cut up and fricasseed, white or brown; or served with any of the well-known sauces, such as tomato, hollandaise, parsley, piquante, caper, etc.

Calf's Foot Soup

A cream soup of boiled calves' feet, celery and other vegetables, cream, white wine and raw yolks for final thickening.

Calf's Foot Jelly

Nearly all wine and other table jellies and creams for sweet dinner and ball supper dishes were formerly made by boiling down calves' feet to a jelly, then sweetening, flavoring, clarifying and filtering it. One foot makes one quart of jelly. A shorter method is now to use the prepared gelatine. Calves' feet enrich soup stocks, and are good for making aspic jelly.

Calf's Liver

See liver.

Calf's Sweetbreads

See sweetbreads.

Calf's Tail Soup

White soup; the tails in short pieces stewed, vegetables, mushrooms, slice of bacon, inch of lemon rind in the strained stock, corn starch, milk, nutmeg, glass white wine, pieces of calves' tails added last.


One of the favorite cheeses for recherche dinners; can be bought of the importing grocers; is a flat-shaped, "salt-soft" cheese of only a few pounds' weight; costs about double the price of ordinary cheese. Where they are made Camemberts are dried for a month in a carefully constructed room with a peculiar system of ventilation. They are then ripened for about the same length of time in a curing cellar, called a cave de perfection, where they are watched and treated with the greatest care. The formation of the white mould and the development of the red spots on their surface are observed with great anxiety, and every little cheese is turned or left according to circumstances.

Canary Yellow

Chrome yellow; poisonous coloring. Its use by bakers is forbidden by law.

Canards (Fr)


Candied Yams

The large, sweet potatoes called yams are boiled, sliced, laid in a pan with sugar, butter, very little water and nutmeg, and slowly baked. Served hot for dinner with the vegetables.

Candied Fruits

(See crystalized fruits).

Canetons (Fr)

Ducks. Usually applied to tame ducks.