Obtained by steeping crushed maize in water and pressing it through straining material into troughs of water. Starch will not dissolve in cold water, but settles at the bottom.

Corn Starch Custards

Starch used the same as arrowroot; 2 oz. starch in a quart of milk thickens it to the consistency of cream; eggs are added according to the requirements.

Corn Starch Puddings

(1)-Baked; made of 4 oz. starch, 1 qt. milk, scalded together; sugar, butter, eggs, flavoring. (2)-Boiled; 4 oz. starch, 1 qt. milk, sugar, butter, 2 yolks, flavoring. Starch is not to be cooked much, but token from the fire soon as thick; it turns thin with much boiling or baking.

C Orn Starch Blanc Mange

Boiled pudding with less starch set in moulds; turned out cold; served with cre?m or fruit jelly.

Corn Starch Jelly

Acidulated lemon syrup thickened with starch, simmered clear, set in moulds; can be made with raspberry or any red juice.

Corn Starch Cream Fritters

The boiled pudding with yolks added, flavored, made cold, cut in shapes, breaded and fried; served with maraschino sauce.

Corn Starch Meringue

The baked pudding with fruit jelly on surface; meringued; baked.

Corn Starch Cakes

Have a proportion of starch instead of some of the flour.

Corn Starch Ice Cream

White, useful for combinations of colors and to make without eggs; made by thickening boiling milk with starch, butter to whiten it, sugar, lemon; frozen as usual.

Corn Starch Thickening

Soups, gravies, sweet-pudding sauces, etc., thickened with starch and allowed to simmer from 5 to 30 minutes, become clear and transparent as before, smooth and bright, as they would not be with flour.