Manistee Fish

"One of the leading restaurants at Chicago had a novelty on its bill of fare last week, it being the first time that Manistee beef was ever placed before the Chicago public. Though called beef, it is in fact the flesh of a fish extremely rare in these parts. The Manistee is a fish the size of a sturgeon, found only in the Manistee river, in Florida. It is sightless, but acute of hearing. It is speared by the negroes, by whom it is highly prized as food, and occasionally is to be found in the markets of New Orleans and Mobile, but is seldom found in this locality. The flesh is coarse and much resembles beef, though retaining the fishy flavor. Scientists have never been able to discover the origin of the fish, but inclined to the belief that it rises from some subterranean stream or lake and has increased and multiplied in the Manistee river, but, o»ving toils lack of sight, it has not been able to make its way into other bodies of water".

Mansfield Pudding

Rich bread pudding baked; made of 4 oz. crumbs of French rolls wet with a cup of boiling milk, 2 eggs, 3 oz. suet mixed with 1 tablespoon flour, 4 spoons currants, 2 spoons sugar, 1 spoon cream, 1 spoon brandy, nutmeg; all beaten together for 5 minutes.

Maquereau (Fr)



A cordial made from the seed of a particular sort of Italian cherry, with syrup and spirits of wine. It is one of the most admired flavorings for jellies, creams, charlotte russe, ices, and sweet sauces. It is, however, difficult to get the genuine, and the flavor of the imitations, though pleasant, is not so remarkable. It comes in quart flasks in wicker coverings, price about $2 per flask.

British Maraschino

Is made from 2 lbs. of lump sugar made into clear syrup with 1 pt. of water, a half-ounce bottle of almond essence, 1 bottle of cherry syrup prepared without acid; one tablespoonful of elder flower water, color up to the proper maraschino color if too faint, bottle and seal with red wax. This is easily and quickly made, and is sold under the name of British maraschino.

Souffle Glace Au Marasquin

An iced souffle with maraschino.

Gelee Au Marasquin

Maraschino jelly.

Marble Cake

Cake having marble streaks of another color of cake all through it, as white cake with veins of chocolate interspersed, or pound cake with pink wine cake.

Marble Cream

Any of the gelatine creams broken apart and moulded solid again by pouring in warm melted cream of another color to make veins and screaks.

Marble Genoise

A sheet of genoise cake spread with white water icing and streaked with colored icing while still wet.


"Marcassin is, in French sportsman's phraseology, a young wild boar. Its saddle is served roasted and carefully larded. Wild boar is just at present being greatly eaten in Paris, and is seen at all the better-class magasins de comestibles. At most it is sold ready-larded, at prices varying from 1 franc 60 centimes to 2 francs 40 centimes the pound".