"The lordly sturgeon, which may be recommended to people with tolerably good digestions, larded with fillets of eel and anchovy, and basted with thick cray-fish sauce".

A Sturgeon Of Full Size

At the Tivoli restaurant was recently exhibited the head of an exceptionally large sturgeon caught on the Dogger Bank, and consigned to Mr. T. Kent, of Billingsgate. The weight of this royal fish was 644 pounds; its measurement being 11 feet 2 inches long, and 5 feet 2 in. in girth.

Sturgeon In The Great Lakes

The sturgeon is taken in abundance in Lakes Michigan and Superior, and as the price in market varies according to the demand of the curers, the fish are kept alive in pens at the fishing stations until orders are received by telegraph to ship to the city.

Smoked Sturgeon

Smoked sturgeon is now included by epicures among fish delicacies. About a hundred pounds at a time are placed in a brick furnace, with eight-inch walls, leaving an inside square of about three feet. A very hot fire being placed directly underneath, the fat as it melts generates its own smoke. Care has to be taken that the flow is not so heavy as to produce too fierce a flame, as then there would be a charred fish, which is not desirable. The time necessary to smoke sturgeon is about six hours. Eels undergo a like process, and are very palatable. There is a peculiarity about the smoking of haddock, inasmuch as it is smoked entirely with sawdust Of course it can be smoked by other means, but the best method is the sawdust fire.

Dame D'Esturgeon Au Four

Baked slice of sturgeon. Lay a fine slice of sturgeon in a tin dish, sprinkle with a little olive oil, the juice of a lemon, chopped mixed herbs, salt and pepper; bake, and when done, place in another dish, pass the sauce through a tammy, pour over the fish, and hand re-moulade sauce separately.

Esturgeon En Fricandeau

Sturgeon cut in thick slices, larded, stewed with bacon and mushrooms and glazed.

Sturgeon   esturgeon.

Sturgeon - esturgeon.

Esturgeon Braise

Sturgeon larded and braised with wine stock, herbs, onions and ham.

Esturgeon A La Bourguignotte

Baked cut of sturgeon served with Bourguignotte sauce.

Esturgeon A La Royale

A sturgeon tied up in the form of a cushion, covered with forcemeat, ornamented with slices of truffles and red tongue.

Esturgeon Grille Sauce Piquante

Broiled sturgeon steak with piquant sauce.

Esturgeon A La Reine

Small sturgeon steaks larded with strips of truffles sand lean ham, parboiled in seasoned broth; put into oiled papers with chopped herbs, folded up and broiled in the papers. Served without the papers with butter sauce around.

Tranches D'Esturgeon

Slices, or sturgeon steaks.