Well-known sea fish, nearly resembling the cod; of smaller size, however, and marked with black thumb spots on the shoulders, whence the legend that this is the fish which the apostle took up and found the penny in its mouth to pay the tribute to Caesar with; the mark of his fingers remains.

Haddock In Old Rome

Pliny says: "The haddock, like the sturgeon, was surrounded with the ridiculous honors of an almost divine pomp. It was served interwoven with garlands, and trumpeters accompanied the slaves who, with uncovered heads and foreheads crowned with flowers, brought to the guests this dish, the merit of which was, perhaps, exaggerated by capricious fancies".

Scotch Rizzer'D Haddie

A fresh haddock cooked as follows: Rub the fish well inside and out with salt, hang it up by the head in the open air for twenty-four hours, skin it, dust it with flour, pepper and salt, and broil over a clear fire.

Fillets Of Haddock

Fresh haddock cut into strips, seasoned, rolled in flour, then in egg-and-cracker dust, fried, served with sauce and cut lemons.

Smoked Haddock

See Finnan haddies.

Haddock Souffle

Boiled salt haddock (like salt cod) pounded in a mortar, rubbed through a seive; to 1/2 lb. of the lish puree 3 yolks are added, then the whites whipped to froth; the mixture is then baked in cases or cups; sent to table soon as done, while soft and light.

Smoked Haddock Sandwich

Boiled smoked haddock picked from the bones and run through a sausage machine, mixed with 1/3 as much hot butter, cayenne, salt, anchovy essence added, spread on sandwiches.

Merluche Grillee

Broiled haddock.

Merluche Farcie

Haddock stuffed and baked, served with brown sauce.

Merluche Sauce Aux Oeufs

Haddock boiled, with egg sauce.

Merluche A La Hollandaise

Boiled haddock with Hollandaise sauce.