Rich almond pound-cake of several grades. (1)-Made of 1 lb. each sugar, butter, almonds, flour, eggs, and a wine-glass of brandy. The sugar and eggs whisked together until thick and light; the almonds powdered and sifted; flour and butter all stirred in; baked in moulds or in thin sheets. (2)-Royal Genoise - A London specialty; made of 1 lb. sugar, 16 eggs, 1/2 lb, butter, 3/4 lb. flour, 1/4 lb. ground almonds; flavored with vanilla, almond and lemon; sugar and eggs whisked light; butter warmed and stirred in with the flour and almonds; baked in sheets; not cut till cold. (3)-Ordinary Genoise - Made of same as the first above without almonds. Better with 2 eggs less, or 1 lb. of flonr, 1 lb. of pulverized sugar, 1 lb. of butter, 8 eggs, a little salt, and a few drops of essence of lemon.

Genoise Pastry

Name given to small squares or shapes of genoise cake with jelly spread between, and pink and white icing on top; cut out of large, thin sheets of cake. Favorite kind for parties.