At the house of one of the most elegant of the grandes dames of Paris:


Consomme Royal.

Tartelettes a la Russe.

Filets de Turbots Chambord.

Selles de Marcassin, Sauce Tartare.

Casseroles de Ris de Veau Petits Pois.

Bartavelles aux Ceps de Bordeaux.

Marquises Jamaique.

Dinde truffle. Salade.

Foies Gras Lumineux Truffes.

Cardons a la Moelle.

Bombe Grande Duchesse.

Fromages. Desserts.

A Novelty

"This was one of the best dinners I have had for some time. I want specially to call your attention to the item foies gras lumineux truffes, which is a very attractive novelty. The dish is a hollow cone of tinted ice. Inside the ice is placed a light. Along the sides of the cone are laid rows of roundels of foie gras, diminishing in size from bottom to top. In each roundel is a slice of truffle. The light shining through the ice has a wonderfully pretty effect, whilst the cold keeps the pate defoie gras firm and fresh as it should be. Another variety is to set the foie gras in slices on a large block of ice in the centre of the table, the ice to be made luminous in the method described. I recommend this novelty to the attention of hotel keepers who do elegant din-ners or even for first-class table d'hotes".