French Rolls

Indefinite; any good quality hot rolls; pocket book shaped rolls, split rolls, crusty cleft rolls, or tall, close-shaped bakery rolls.

French Bread

Indefinite. The bread now called French is in very long loaves of one thickness from end to end. At some Paris restaurants the bakers leave loaves daily that are from one to two yards long. The hotel method is to have special pans made of Russia iron which are 5 or 6 narrow moulds all in one piece. They are in the common eaves-trough tin spout shape, about 3 inches across and iS inches long. The' ordinary bread dough baked in these makes the favorite crusty cylinder-shaped loaf for the dinner table.

Friantine (Fr)


Friantines Aux Huitres

Bouchec-s of oysters; small parries.

Fried Cakes

Domestic name for crullers, doughnuts or "Jersey wonders".

Fried Pies

Domestic name for rissoles, ris-solettcs, kromeskies, or anything made of paste, folded and inclosing fruit or jelly.


Common name in general use for a stew without special characteristics further than the division of white fricassee or brown. Originally it meant a fry with a sauce. (See Frogs).


A larded cushion of veal, braised, or browned in the oven; also an imitation of the same, made of a mixture of cooked and raw meat well seasoned, made up so as to be served in broad slices.

Fricandeau Of Sturgeon

Pieces of sturgeon about 5 inches thick, skinned and larded with bacon; laid larded side downwards in a stew-pan with bacon, and fried till the larding is brown. Taken up, put in a baking dish with mushrooms, moistened with essence of ham or brown sauce with minced ham and onions; the larded side upwards, baked for an hour.


A mixture of chopped meat either cooked or raw or mixed, with some fat and bread -crumbs and an egg, seasoned, made into pats and fried.

Fritot (Fr)

The original fricassee; chicken cut into joints, floured, fried, served with cream sauce.

Fritot De Poulet Aux Tomates

The chicken cut up, steeped in oil with onions, floured, fried; tomato sauce.

Fritto (It)

A fry or a fritter; same as fritot.

Frltto Misto (It)

Mixed fry. (See Italian cookery).


Something inclosed in a flour batter and fried by immersion in hot fat.

Fruit Fritters

Slices or quarters of large fruit, spoonfuls of berries, dipped in batter, taken up with a spoon and dropped into frying fat.

Queen Fritters

Puffs or hollow fritters made of same mixture as cream puffs, fried instead of baked.

Beignets Souffles

Same as queen fritters.

Spanish Puffs

A variation of queen fritters, containing a little sugar and vanilla in the batter, same mixture as for eclairs; fried instead of baked. (See beignets, corn fritters, apples, parsnip, creme frite, queen, etc).

Fromage (Fr)


Fromage De Brie

Brie cheese.

Beignets De Fromage

Cheese fritters.