In the United States it is Indian corn or maize; in England corn means all grains that are used for making bread; wheat, oats, barley and rye are all corn over there, and Indian corn is maize.

Green Corn

Gathered when in the milk state it is more succulent than even the tenderest green peas; it is never so thoroughly a luxury as when eaten off the cob, as is the custom; the ears should be prepared by having one row of grains cut away, it is then boiled about 20 minutes in salted water; served in the folds of a napkin, eaten with butter.

Cutoff Corn

The tender ears cooked and the grains cut off and seasoned with salt and butter, served in dishes same as peas.

Green Corn Pudding

Cut-off corn mixed with butter, milk, salt, pepper, and yolks enough to make it a soft custard when baked; eaten as a vegetable.

Grated Corn Pudding

The green ears grated raw and the palp made up with cream, eggs and butter into a custardlike preparation; either baked or cooked in a farina kettle.

Green Corn Fritters

Cut-off corn mixed with flour, egg and butter, dropped by'spoon-fuls into hot lard, fried brown.

Corn Mock Oysters

Raw corn shaved off the cob, or grated, mixed with salt, pepper, eggs, little flour; fried on both sides like eggs, singly; breakfast dish.

Corn Meal

Ground corn, not corn flour; it makes lighter and more palatable bread when ground coarse.

Corn Bread

A plain kind is o-enerally used as a dinner bread; made of only meal, water and salt, made up soft, baked in spoonful lumps on a baking pan.

Corn Hoe Cake

Corn bannocks, like Scotch barley bannocks, baked thin on a girdle.

Corn Light Bbead

Two thirds meal, 1/3 wheat flour, little sugar and shortening, powder and milk, or buttermilk and soda: baked in a pan.

Corn Egg Bread

Rich like unsweetened cake, with scalded meal, salt, lard, eggs, milk, little sugar, powder; baked in pan or mould.

Corn Batter Cakes

Same mixture as foregoing made thinner, poured by spoonfuls on a hot griddle; varied by mixing a proportion of wheat flour with the corn meal.

Corn And Rye Bread

Mixture of the two kinds of meal with salt, molasses, and powder or yeast.

Corn Meal Mush

Porridge of meal boiled in water.

Corn Meal Gruel

Mush made thin.

Fried Mush

Porridge allowed to get cold, cut in blocks, dipped in egg and cracker dust, fried in hot lard; breakfast dish. Is also rolled in flour and sautd in a little butter.

Corn Hominy

White; corn denuded of the bran and broken to the size of peas. Used as a dinner vegetable after long cooking.

Fine Hominy'

A grade of the size of grains of wheat, boiled; used either for breakfast, dinner or supper.

Hominy Grits

A grade fine as granulated sugar, most frequently used for breakfast and supper in the form of porridge; eaten with milk or cream.

Hulled Corn

Home-made hominy, grains soaked in lye until the bran is nearly dissolved, then washed and boiled; used boiled for lunch and supper, and fried with butter for breakfast.

Corn Meal Puddings

(1)-Baked; made of 8 oz. meal boiled in 1 qt. water or milk, molasses, butter, eggs, ginger. (2)-Boiled; made of 8. oz. meal, 1 quart water, suet, sugar, lemon, eggs, Corn Soup - A cream of corn; the grains finely shaved and scraped off the cob, added to veal or chicken stock with a piece of lean pickled pork and few vegetables, milk or cream, butter and flour at the finish.

Corn And Tomato Soup

Vegetable soup with chopped tomatoes,and grains of corn.

Canned Corn

Some brands are put up in such perfection that the canned is as good as the green and can be used in its place; when stewed it has a little milk added to it, and perhaps a trifle of starch or flour thickening.

Pop Corn

A diminutive sort of maize, the grains of which burst open when roasted.

Pop Corn Balls

A popular cheap sweetmeat made by mixing syrup with popped corn while hot, and making it up in balls wrapped in transparent paper. An immense business is done in this product in the large cities.

Candied Pop Corn

Of various colors; made by stirring the popped corn in a copper kettle over the fire, and pouring syrup, allowing it to dry upon the grains.