Green Peas A La Francaise

Boiled and white sauce added.

Green Peas A L'Anglaise

Dressed with butter and salt only.

Petits Pois A La Parisienne

Boiled with onions, butter, salt and sugar and served with the sauce.

Petits Pois Au Jus

Stewed in stock.

Petits Pois A L'Ancienne

Boiled, put into cream sauce; made yellow with yolk of egg.

Petits Pois Aujambon

Stewed with ham cut in dice and young onions.

Petits Pois En Casses

Green peas boiled in the pods.

Marrowfat Pea

A large and late variety of green pea.

Split Peas

English yellow field peas hulled and split, used principally for making soup, but good as a winter vegetable and as a purse with salt meats.

Blackeyed Pea

A Southern variety, like a bean, very generally eaten in the South; cooks to a dark color.

Lady Pea

White Southern variety, very small, scarcely larger than wheat, cooks yellow; not so coarse as the black-eye pea; in good demand for the table.

Green Peas Boiled In Their Shells

There is a pea now cultivated which, when young, has such tender shells, that they are able to be eaten as well as the peas. Boil for half an hour in water, drain, and warm in butter. Stir in some cream; thicken with yolks of eggs, and flavor with a few drops of vinegar.

Our Common Splitpea Soup

Wholesome and agreeable in winter, with dried mint and tiny croutons, is wholly unknown in France; the dried green peas, termed pois casses, only are used for similar purposes there.