Small, thin pancakes made into turnovers with shredded bacon and truffles and some highly seasoned chicken forcemeat inclosed in the fold; brushed over with egg; baked; served with gravy, also flat sausages.

Cresson (Fr)

Cress. Poultry snipe, or any dish au cresson, is roasted and served with law cress in the dish, and the gravy in a sauce boat separate.


Water-cress or garden-cress; both are used the same way, either as an accompaniment and relish with roast fowl; eaten alone with salt, or combined in a salad.


(1)Rolls of the Vienna-bread variety in crescent shape made up with milk; handsomely glazed. (2)-Shapes of Genoise cake, with water icing of various colors; cut out from sheets. (3)-Glazed crescents are also a kind of French bonbons, called cavissants.

Crevettes (Fr)



Kromeskies. Russian name for a sort of rissole.

Cromesquis De Huitres

Oysters rolled in very thin shavings of bacon; dipped in batter; fried in hot laid. (See Kromeskies).


"The name given to all large set pieces for suppers or dinners, such as nougats, cakes, pyramids of candied orange quarters, etc., which have been covered with sugar, and boiled to a snap, so as to give a brilliant appearance. The real meaning of croquenbouche is ' crackle in the mouth.'"


Something made of brittle candy; a shape made of almond nougat, a case formed of a brittle cake, made of equal parts of pounded nuts, sugar and flour; to be filled with crystalized fruit, etc.

Crosnes Du Japon

Slachvs; a Japanese vegetable of the Jerusalem artichoke order, now grown in France.

Croutes (Fr)

Crusts; fried shapes of bread.

Croutes Aux Anchois

Small pieces of fried bread spread with anchovy butter and filleted anchovy on top.

Croutes Au Jambon

Fried bread spread with potted ham.

Croutes Aux Ananas

Shapes of fried bread with compote of pineapple.

Croutes Aux Fraises A La Bellerive

French strawberry shortcake; strawberries on hot buttered rusks.

Croutes Aux Abricots

Ornamentally shaped slices of bread fried in clear butter with compote or preserved apricots; the apricot syrup colored with currant jelly poured over.


The same thing made of bread and fried as a casserole or cassolette, which are made of rice or potato; a case, large or small, and more or less ornamentally carved.

Croutons Or Crutons

Croutes in small, thin, fancy shapes, such as heart or leaf shapes, used to place around and decorate an entree; cubes of bread toasted in the oven, or fried, to serve with soup, especially with soups made of beans, peas, or lentils.


Name of a vegetable soup finished with triangular thin pieces of brown toasted bread.


Fried cakes; doughnuts.


Of potatoes; curls, spirals, or long strings to fry. There are special tools made for cutting these.


English name for a yeast-raised kind of batter cake, not rich, but light; sold by bakers who make it their business.