Name is from two words signifv-ing early ripe. It is mentioned by the gardener in Shakespeare's "Winter's Tale," yet only grows in England when protected by a south wall. It reaches the greatest perfection in California, perhaps also in Australia, where, a traveler says some were brought to him three inches in diameter. It is plentiful in France; is a fruit of a delightful flavor and most useful.

Ripe Apricots

Are among the choicest fruits for the table. They are generally wrapped in paper separately and boxed suitably for hotel buyers.

Bisque Of Apricots

Ice cream with chopped ripe apricots stirred in, the cream or custard previously flavored with the broken kernels and parings simmered in syrup.

Apricot Ice Cream

Canned or stewed apricots mixed with cream or custard and frozen.

Apricot Sherbet

Pulp of cooked apricots, about a pint to 2 quarts water and 2 pounds sugar, frozen, and whipped whites of 5 or 6 eggs beaten in.

Apricots With Rice

In all the same ways as apples.

Apricot Shortcake

With fresh ripe fruit, same as apple, peach and strawberry shortcake.

Apricot Roll

With fresh fruit or with jam, same as steamed or baked apple rolls.

Petits Gateaux De Abri'Cot

Made with apricot marmalade, same as apple turnovers.

Apricot Tart A La Metternich

An open pie of puff paste, quarters of apricots and pitted cherries laid in and sugared over, baked, and cream-flavored with the kernels poured on top when served.

Apricot Tartlets

Small vol-au-vents of puff paste, as for apple tartlets; the inside lid large enough for half a preserved apricot, the lid not to be replaced, but decoration of red jelly placed around the fruit.

Green Apricot Pie

The young and unripe fruit is considered to make choice tarts, puddings and pies; it is stewed in syrup until quite tender, then baked in a covered pie, or baked in puff paste without a top crust for a tart.

Bavarois Aux Abricots

Bava-rois aux Abricots pricot marmalade mixed with an equal measure of cream whipped to froth and stiffened with gelatine, nearly an ounce to each quart; set in a mould, turned out, served with maraschino cream.

Abricot Puree

Stewed and strained apricots well sweetened, beaten light, mixed with whipped cream, served cold in custard cups with cake.

Gateau De Mille Feuilles

Thousand leaf cake; a pile of thin, round pieces of puff paste, spread with two or three kinds of marmalade and apricot marmalade on top, decorated with candied cherries.

Gateau Genoise Aux Abricots

A pound jelly cake spread and covered with apricot marmalade and served with whipped cream.

Tourte D'Abricots A L'Allemande

An open pie of puff paste, with halves of apricots and marmalade for filling'.

Apricot Flan

An open pie like the above, with custard poured on top of the fruit instead of marmalade, and baked in it.

Pouding Aux Abricots

Like apple cream, pie-stewed apricots mixed with rich custard and bread crumbs, baked in a crust.

Apricot Fritters

Halves of apricots, either canned or fresh, drained, dipped in fritter batter, fried; served with wine sauce.

Beignets D'Abricots A L'Eau De Vie

Rounds of bread dippped in brandy, joined to half an apricot dipped in batter and fried.