For hotel use the cherries ready-stoned should be bought; they are solid fruit and serviceable, and otherwise cherries are seldom pitted and pies not good. White California-cherries are a luxury for supper fruit and for ices.

Cherry Pie

Red or black are the best; can be used whole or raw in pies, same as apples or blackberries, will heaped up, or stewed, in less quantity.

Cherry Roll

Pitted cherries rolled up in a sheet of biscuit dough, tied in a cloth, steamed, boiled or baked.

Cherry Pudding

In a bowl lined with paste and covered after filling with cherries.

Cherry Cobbler

A large pie baked in a pan, cut out in squares; served with the syrup.

Cherry Meringue

Stewed cherries spread 1/2 inch deep on a sheet of cake; whipped whites with sugar on top; light baked.

Cherry Ice Cream

White cherries mixed in pure cream and sugar, and frozen.

Cherry Water Ice

Red cherries stewed, strained; juice only mixed with thin syrup; frozen.

Cherry Ice

Cherries lightly cooked; juice, water and sugar frozen; whipped whites beaten in; cherries added at last.

Cherry Sherbet

Whipped whites beaten in water ice after freezing.