Apple Batter Pudding

Pared and cored apples baked in a pan under paper cover; when done, an egg batter made with little flour poured over the apples, and baking continued. Another way is to bake a thin Yorkshire pudding with sliced apples in it.

Aplle Cider

The expressed juice of apples.

Apple Brandy

Distilled from either cider or crushed appics.

Apple Jack

New Jersey name for apple brandy; it is plentiful in most of the eastern states, is generally cheaper than any other spirit and serves a good purpose in cooking, for sauces and for making flavoring extracts.

Cidre Royal Or Eau De Vie De Cidre

French name for apple jack. " It is the favorite spirit drunk in Normandy; it is also called Calvados, and generally known as such by the Parisians, being chiefly made by the apple -growers in the Calvados department. It is in every way preferable to the so-called cognac, which is made out of anything but wine; sold in Prance.

Whisky Or Brandy Apples

Pared and cored apples, to every pound 3/4 pound sugar, 1 lemon, 1/2 gill whisky or brandy, spices; apples simmered in them without breaking, same as compote apples; placed in jars, syrup boiled down and poured over them; will keep for months.

Frozen Apple Cream

Marmalade mixed with as much cream, whipped, filled into fancy cases and set in the freezing box to solidify; served as ice cream.

Apple Ice Cream

Apple marmalade and cream or custard mixed and frozen.

Apple Ice

Stewed apples flavored with orange and cloves, with twice as much water, well sweetened, frozen and beaten up with whipped white of egg in the freezer to make it creamy.

Apple And Rice Frozen' Pudding

Custard with boiled rice and thick-stewed apples frozen; also, apple ice and rice custard are frozen separately, but served together.


Stewed with sour krout and also with cabbage; also boiled whole, with kidneys, are considered an improvement to the respective dishes in certain localities.

Apple And Water Cress Salad

Shredded apples and water cress cut to a corresponding size, tossed up with salt, vinegar, pepper and oil.

Apples In Mincemeat

A surplus may be used up in this way, as mincemeat will keep and will sell.

Apples Canned

They are put up in gallon cans for use in regions where there are no fresh apples; are good for nearly all the purposes of the fresh*fruit, being generally in unbroken quarters, and being free from waste; are not dear.

Apples To Keep

A better way than in the cellar is to make aheap of them on the ground in the orchard; if a large quantity, the heap should be a long one, as apples heat if in great bulk; cover with dry straw or hay, then cover with 6 inches of earth; increase the depth of covering before severe frost'eomes, but the apples are better kept cold than too warm. If a very large lot, have a wooden pipe ventilator inserted. Should apples accidentally freeze in the pit, let them alone and keep air from them, and they will come out afterwards unhurt, but if handled white frozen will be fit for nothing but cider. Car-loads of;.pples frozen on the railroads during sudden storms are often saved by being at once worked up into cider.