Southern States' name for apple pie baked in an ordinary baking pan and cut out in squares to serve.

Brown Betty

A buttered pudding dish filled with alternate layers of bread crumbs, thinly sliced apples, sugar, little nutmeg, finished with crumbs on top and bits of butter, baked brown; served as pudding.

Apple Omelet

Stewed apples beaten smooth, 5 tablespoons of it with 3 of sugar and 1 of flour stirred into 3 well beaten eggs with 1 spoonful of brandy; can be either baked or cooked in frying pans.

Frosted Apples

Apples pared, not cored, stewed in syrup until transparent, without breaking, then drained, dipped in beaten white of egg and in powdered sugar, and dried in the oven with very little heat.

Apple Fritters

Pared and cored apples cut in rings, dipped in fritter batter, fried in hot fat, served with sweet sauce; also served with roast duck, goose and pork.

Apple And Cream Pudding

A mould but tered and lined with rich short paste, quarters of apples built up all over the surface of the paste, the middle filled with pastry cream or frangipajic made thick, paste cover, tied in a cloth and boiled an hour or more, turned out and diluted jam poured over.

Rice Apple Dumplings

Cored and sugared apples inclosed in a covering of boiled rice pounded to a paste, floured outside, tied up separately in cloths and boiled until apples are done; served with sauce.

Apple And Rice Pudding

Any rice pudding with quartered apples cooked in it.

Apple Tapioca

A pudding without eggs, milk or butter, made by soaking 1/2 pound tapioca for 2 hours in 1 quart of water, stirring in a little sugar, spread in a dish or pan, the top covered with quartered apples, and baked.

Apple Tapioca Pudding

The pudding made firm with tapioea and eggs, and sliced apples mixed in, and baked.

Apple Snow

Apples stewed thick and pressed through a colander, beaten up when cold, then mixed with whipped white of egg and powdered sugar; served cold in saucers of cream.

Apple Marmalade

Apples stewed thick and pressed through a colander; sugar, orange peel, lemon peel, cloves or any other suitable flavor added, dried down till thick enough to keep without spoiling.

Apple Sauce

Stewed slices of apples with a little sugar and water.

Apple Puree

Same as apple snow, served in custard cups with whipped cream on top.

Apple Trifle

Same as apple snow, with thick, cold boiled custard ready; the puree piled in a glass dish and the custard around it.

Apples And Rice

Same as compote of apples, rice cooked with milk and little sugar, smoothed over in the serving dish, and, apple on top, custard or colored wine syrup poured over or around it.

Apple Bread

One-third apples, two-thirds flour, apples stewed as dry as can be, mashed through a strainer and used to mix the dough instead of water; yeast, etc., same as usual; baked in loaves.

Dried Apple Bread

(1) Dried apple boiled until done [but not mashed], drained, stirred up in corn bread, baked in flat cakes. (2) The same stirred up in short-cakes of wheat flour and baked an inch thick in a frying pan over a slow fire.

Snitz Pennsylvania

Dutch name for dried apples.


Ditto for apple butter.

Dried Apples

Are of two or more kinds, the home-made or sundried generally the cheaper, but by many preferred, and the light-colored, nearly white evaporated, which are in some places treated with sulphur fumes and dried in a current or cold blast of air upon seives moving upwards in a darkened shaft, whence they emerge almost ready for packing; these apples, with careful cooking, can be restored very nearly to the appearance of the fresh fruit.

Apple Pie

(1) A pic plate covered with rich, short paste, heaped full of thin-sliced apples with sugar and nutmeg or cinnamon dusted in, edges wetted, cover of paste put on, washed over with egg and water. (2) A lower crust only, of short paste, stewed apple filling, strips across top. (3) A thin bottom crust with thicker edges of puff short paste, raw apples very thin sliced in, sugar, butter, wine mace added; no top crust; bake slowly.

English Apple Pie

A deep earthenware dish lined with short paste, filled with sliced apples, sugared and flavored; baked with a crust on top.