A southern luxury, almost a necessity, and the cooking of it is carried to perfection.

How To Bon Rice

The object is to have all the grains separate when done. Drop the rice into plenty of boiling water; as the water is going to be drained off, it makes no difference if there is a large quantity. After the rice has boiled up once, move the vessel to the side and let it simmer until the grains are tender when pinched between the fingers. Then pour into a seive and let the water run away, put back the rice with some cold water, wash it around, drain that off, then set the drained rice back in the saucepan at the side of the fire for the remaining moisture to steam through it and make it hot again. Toss it up with a fork.

Rice With Curry

The right way in which to serve rice and curry, as a second or final entree at the table is as follows: From the dish of rice passed round by the waiter a helping of about 5 or 6 table-spoonfuls should be taken; the curry, chosen from a selection of at least three varieties, should then be handed round, and about 1 tablespoonful ought to amply suffice for the above mentioned quantity of rice; chutney may then be optionally added on one side of the plate from a cruet-stand conveniently placed on the table, and one teaspoonf ul ought to be enough.

Rice Cake

Baked rice may be used as a vegetable or as a dessert. In the latter case it may be varied by the addition of sweet and bitter almonds pounded, candied cherries, ginger or citron, preserved cherries and raisins.

Risotto A L'Itali Enne

Plainly boiled rice in a saucepan with a lump of butter, as much tomato sauce as the rice will take up, and plenty of grated cheese; stirred over fire or baked. (See Italian Cookery).

Rice Pudding

One small cup raw rice, same of sugar, 1 qt. milk; bake in a dish 2 or 3 hours without stirring it.

Southern Rice Pudding

One cup raw rice, 1 qt. milk, 1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons butter, 5 eggs, flavoring; rice, milk and sugar boiled together, other ingredients mixed in; baked.

Imperial Rice Pudding

Cold;~ornamental; a mould coated with jelly and lined ornamentally with candied fruits, sliced, by sticking them on the jelly; boiled rice, whipped cream, sugar, vanilla, and gelatine made up like Bavarian cream and filled into the mould; filling is pure white.

Riz Aux Fraises

Paris specialty. Boiled rice in whole grains covered with sugar-syrup flavored with orange peel. When completely cold, serve it on a dish in alternate layers of rice and fresh strawberries (uncooked). Garnish the dish by surrounding the base of the pudding with some of the finest strawberries.

Rice Croquettes

Boiled rice with butter, sugar and yolks made into pear-shapes or rolls, breaded, fried; served with sauce or jelly.

Rice With Fruits

See Apples, Apricots, Peaches.

Rice Cassolettes

See Cassolettes.

Rice Apple Dumplings

See Apples.

Rice Waffles

One cup cold boiled rice, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons melted lard, 1 pt. milk, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking-powder, flour to make a thin batter.

Rice Batter Cakes

Same as above.

Rice Muffins, Or Gems

Cold cooked rice mixed with flour and milk, etc.; baked in gem pans.

Rice In Bread

Rice is used as an adulterant to make bread carry much water. It is said that the addition of 4 lbs. rice, boiled with all the water it will take up, mixed in the dough will make 25 lbs. more bread out of a barrel of flour.