The pear is produced in the greatest perfection and abundance in California. The Bartlett variety is the best for table use. Shipped in boxes in its fresh state to all parts it is obtainable almost everywhere in the season. Canned in syrup it is equally a choice fruit for table use in that form.

Suedoise Of Pears

See Suedoise of Peaches.

Pear Charlotte

Same as apple Charlotte.

Pears A La Marquise

Pears on a rice border with whipped cream in the center.

Tarte De Poires

Pear tart.

Flan De Poires

Open pear pie with custard or cream on top.

Beignets De Poires

Pear fritters. Baked Pears are most suitable for a luncheon dish. Obtain some good baking pears, peel and cut in half, removing the cores; place them in a large brown jar with 1 lb. of loaf suger to 4 lbs. of pears, also the thinly cut peel and juice of a large lemon; cover closely, put in a slow oven, and bake until tender) (See Raisine de Bourgogne.) Compote of Pears forms a nice sweet at this time of the year. Stew ■ your pears in clarified sugar, flavor with strips of lemon-peel and color the sugar witb cochineal, serve cold in a glass dish.

Pear Marmalade

Boil the rind of one iemon and 1 oz. bitter almonds in a pint of water for half an hour. Take them out and add one lb. fine sugar. Boil till dissolved, then add the juice of three lemons, 3 lbs. pears cut into chips, and 3/4 lb. more fine sugar. Simmer gently till the chips are transparent. Store in jars. (See Apples, Apricots).