Stewed Duck And Turnips

Whole duck browned in butter, cut turnips fried in same butter; thin sauce made in the pan with herbs and seasonings, dnck simmered in till tender; served with the turnips around and gravy strained over.

Ducklings With Tomato Sauce

Young ducks filled with bread stuffing, placed in a saking pan with plenty of strained tomatoes, pepper, salt, minced onion and butter, cooked quickly in oven hot enough to brown them; sauce rubbed through a seive, made hot again, served with the ducks.

Stewed Ducks And Olives

The duck browned in butter, gravy made in the pan with herbs and seasonings, duck simmered in it till tender, gravy strained and stoned olives added.

Salmi Of Duck

Roast duck and giblet sauce; the duck cut up after roasting and simmered in the gravy with the giblets and a glass of wine and the juice of i lemon; garnished with croutons.

Garnish For Duckling

The common vegetable garnish for duckling is green peas or sometimes cresses; but try also cooked endive or celery, turnips browned in butter, and almost any kind of salad.

Roast Duck

"The great secret in cooking them successfully lies in the basting, which should be very frequent and thorough. Fill the carcase with stuffing; secure the legs to the sides, so that the breast may plump up well; dredge it lightly with flour, and baste it continuously from the time it begins to cook. Just before it is done (a good-sized duck will take from three quarters of an hour to an hour) dredge it again lightly with flour, as it will then froth up and look plump; have a good brown gravy ready to serve with it, but do not pour it over the duck".

Canards Sauvages En Salmis

Wild ducks cut up in salmis sauce.

Canards Sauvages A La Bigarade

Cut up in orange sauce.

Filets De Canetons Sauvages A La Syrienne

Breasts of wild ducks with olives in brown sauce; served with alternate fried croutons, spread with a paste of the duck livers and butter.

Sarcelles A La Puree De Champignons

Teal cut in joints; braised; served with a puree of mushrooms.

Turban De Filets De Sarcelles A La Toulouse

Breasts of teal in a circle with fumet of game sauce, pickled mushrooms, etc.

Mallard Ducks A La Provencale

Stuffed, roasted; served with their own gravy and shallot sauce.

Mallard Ducks A L'Americaine

The ducks roasted about 35 minutes; carved; best pieces kept warm; sauce made of the carcases with herbs and seasonings; port wine and currant jelly added; poured over the pieces of ducks.

Roast Duck, Apple Sauce

Tame ducks plain roasted; apple sauce served with them when carved.

Duck Pie

Cold raised pie, made by lining araised-piecaseor mould with short paste, filled with sausage meat and boned ducks; baked 2 hours.

Duck In Jelly

Jelly made of calves' feet, boned ducks simmered in it until tender; made up in decorated mould lined with jelly and filled in with duck and jelly; cold like a galantine.

Red Head Duck

Cooked like Canvas-back, which see. " Should you wish to eat a wild duck in perfection, proceed in the following manner: Having roasted the bird for about twenty-five minutes before a brisk fire, let it be sent to table with a rich gravy. A spirit-lamp supporting a deep silver dish should be placed before the carver. Pour in this dish three glasses of port wine, a good pinch of cayenne pepper, a sprinkle of salt, the juice of a lemon, and some of the gravy. The duck having been carved, the pieces are rolled in the boiling preparation and handed around in the hot dish to the guests".