A fowl or other kind of meat, stuffed, boiled, pressed in a mould, decorated, eaten cold.

Galantine De Dinde

Boned (or boneless) turkey. A slit is cut down the back, the meat carefully cut from the carcass, laid out flat and seasoned. A filling of either another turkey or chicken, or veal forcemeat or sausage placed upon it, the sides drawn up to the original form, sewn, bound up in a cloth, boiled 3 hours, in stock seasoned, pressed hot into shape; taken out of the cloth when cold. It is then a boned turkey only; becomes a galantine or ornamental dish when decorated by being placed in a larger mould, aspie jelly poured around, the whole turned out when cold and garnished in various ways.

Galantine De Poularde

Boned chicken in jelly.

Galantine De Veal

The fore-quarter of veal, boned, stuffed, rolled, boiled in stock, pressed into a long mould, decorated with jelly, shapes of yolk and white of eggs, beets, lemons, etc Sliced cold and served with jelly.

Galantine De Cochon

Galantine is occasionally made of sucking pig, and is very popular in France. The pig must be carefully boned, all but the head and feet. A sufficient quantity of veal, of fat unsmoked bacon, and of bread panada must be chopped and pounded to make enough forcemeat to stuff the pig in the proportion of one part bacon, two panada, and three of veal, seasoned with a teaspoonful of onion juice and two of powdered sage. Galantines of small birds are called ballotines.