Small cucumbers of a dwarf kind; also young common cucumbers. Used for pickling.

Gibier (Fr)


Pate De Gibier

Game pie.


The neck, liver, gizzard, heart and feet of geese and ducks and similar trimmings of any fowls.

Pate D'Abatis D'Oie

Pie of goose-giblets.

Abatis De Dinde


Giblet Patties

The gizzards boiled until tender separately; then cut from the hard skin into small dice; livers, etc.; stewed in wine-gravy; gizzards added; filled into patty cases, or croustades, or cassolettes.

Giblet Soup

Good stock of mixed meats and poultry; giblets and vegetables cut in dice in it, and little barley or rice.


Spirit made from wheat or other malted grain, flavored with juniper berries. " In the reign of Henry XIII it was decreed that there should be but one maker of aqua vilce, as whisky and gin were then called, in every borough, under a penalty of six shillings and eight pence, a sum of much more value in those days than it is now. Some idea of the extensive trade done at the present time in this spirit may be gathered from the fact that there are at Schiedam alone upwards of 300 distilleries, or rather manufactories, of malt wine, which is the basis of prime geneva. Juniper berries are round, of a blackish-purple color, and contain an essential oil which, when obtained separately, is of a greenish-yellow color, and resembles in odor and taste oil of turpentine. It is greatly superior and far more beneficial to the health than the latter, but owing to its greater price oil of turpentine is largely used by the less conscientious distillers.

Gingembre (Fr)


Gipsy Pudding

Or gipsy cake; also called tipsy cake and tipsy parson. A sponge cake pricked all over with a fork is saturated with wine and brandy poured over it at intervals as it soaks up the liquor. Split-almonds stuck all over it, rich flavored custard poured around and served with it, cold.

Giraumons (Fr)

Vegetable marrows; summer squashes.

Glace (Fr)

Means both iced or glossed over, as an iced cake, and frozen.

Creme Glace

Ice cream.

Biscuits Glaces

Cakes of ice cream.

Gladstone Pudding

A pear custard pie made of a layer of lady fingers in bottom of dish, canned bartlett pears sliced over them, yolk-of-egg custard poured in, puff paste crust on top, egged and sugared; glass of sherry in when done; served cold.

Glazing Cakes

Means to make them shine by either egging, or egging and sugaring the tops, or by brushing over with milk, or by covering with sugar and water icing.

Godard Garnish

Slices of sweetbreads and truffles, heads of mushrooms, quenelles and quartered artichokes with brown sauce.

Aloyau De Boeuf A La Godard

Sirloin of beef baked in wine, tomato sauce, etc., served with godard garnishing.

Godiveau (Fr)

Veal forcemeat; white veal with cooked udder, bacon or suet pounded to a fine paste; variously mixed with eggs, cream, bread, etc., to make forcemeat" balls, quenelles, meat-pie linings and garnishes.