A mixture of milk and eggs, cooked only to boiling point, generally with sugar and flavorings added. The standard role is 8 eggs to 1 qt. milk and 6 oz. sugar; but custard is made with 4 eggs to a quart, also with 8 yolks only; also with 2 or 3 eggs and flour or starch to substitute the remainder. Custard, whether boiled, steamed or baked, is thickest and perfect only when it reaches the boiling point; with longer cooking it turns thin and separates into curd and water.

Custard Pudding

Firm enough to turn out of mould; made of 1 pint milk, boiled with stick cinnamon and grated lemon rind, cooled, mixed with 3 yolks and 5 whole eggs well whipped, and sugar. Steamed in mould till set Custard Flavorings. Orange flower water, orange extract, lemon, vanilla and rose, bay leaf, nutmeg, cinnamon, almond.

Custard Pie

Plate lined with short-paste, filled to the brim with raw custard, baked till set.

Cup Custards

Boiled custard, made by pouring boiling milk, sweetened, to whipped eggs, or eggs and starch, and cooking only till about to boil again; filled into custard cups.

Chocolate Custard Meringues

Boiled custard with 1 oz. chocolate in each quart, filled in cups, whipped whites and sugar on top lightly browned.

Custard Pudding

Plain custard baked in a pudding dish.

Cocoanut Custard

Cocoanut mixed in raw custard to bake or in the hot milk for boiled custards.

Custard Roly Poly

Custard made firm with 12 eggs, steamed, then sliced on a thin sheet of paste; strawberry jam spread upon the custard, all very thin, rolled up in a pudding cloth, steamed 1 1/2 hours; served with sauce.