Only obtained in quantity large enough to cook from the leg-bones of beef, especially the bone in the round.

Marrow Toast

Marrow cut thin, seasoned, laid close together upon toast, baked on top shelf of oven; served hot.

Marrow Aux Fines Herbes

Marrow scalded a few minutes in hot water, taken up and cooled, broken up and mixed with chopped mushrooms, parsley, onion; bread-crumbs in the bottom of buttered paper cases, marrow mixture to fill up, crumbs on top; baked 15 minutes; served on a napkin.

Marrow Patties

Chopped marrow seasoned, cream, beaten egg; patty pans lined with puff paste; marrow filling; baked.

Marrow Quenelles

Half pound each marrow and bread-crumbs, 1 small tablespoon flour, 5 yolks, 1 egg, salt, pepper; work up to smooth paste, shape with two teaspoons, poach in boiling salt water. For garnishing, for soups, or served with sauce in a vegetable border.

Marrow Dumplings

Marrow from two beef bones chopped and melted, 2 eggs, salt, pepper, little nutmeg, crushed soda-crackers enough to make paste of it; boiled in small balls; to serve with meat or soup.

Marrow Sauce For Steaks

Brown sauce made with chopped shallots, butter, white wine, espagnole, salt, pepper, parsley; beef-marrow in slices dipped in boiling water in a strainer for a minute, spread on the steaks; the sauce poured over and around.

Moelle De Bceuf A La Orly

Beef marrow cut in long strips, dipped in batter and fried; tomato sauce.

Bouchees A La Moelle

Small patties (vol-au-vents) filled with marrow chopped and simmered in a savory sauce of cream, shallot, chives, etc.

Petites Croustades A La Moelle

The same as for bouchees; filled into little cases of fried bread; cruinbs on top; browned.

Marrpw Pudding

A sweet pudding steamed; made same as plain plum pudding, using melted marrow instead of suet or butter.