A variety of banana, less sweet than the banana common in the markets and better suited to be baked with sugar.

Plats - (Fr)

Dishes of meats, etc.

Plats Du Jour

Dishes of the day; a few prepared dishes for dinner which one may find at the best restaurants, besides the uprepared dishes which may be ordered from the card.


The central ornament of a dinner table; sometimes it is a mirror laid flat in imitation of a lake bordered with moss and flowers; sometimes it is a raised bank of flowers; at other times a pyramidal device or a temple.

Plie (Fr)

Plaice, a fish.

Plombieres Ice

A mixture of ice cream and candied fruits, named for a place. (See Ices).


Of green herbs for soups and stews; finely cut sorrel, chervil, parsley, etc.


Common popular name of the heart, liver and lights (lungs) of small animals as exposed for sale by the butchers as lambs' pluck, etc.


A considerable number of stone fruits are included in the general name of plum, varying from the large egg plum and greengage to the damson in size and appearance. All the ways of cooking and using apricots and most of those named for apples can be employed suitably for plums in some of their varieties. The greengage is especially a choice fruit for the compote dish, and its color, to contrast with the orange yellow of the apricot, gives it a particular value in decorative pastry work. (See Apples, Apricots, Greengage, Pears, Peaches, Cherries).

Plum Cake

Usually called fruit cake. With a pound cake mixture first prepared as a base, any desired amount of fruit may be added with or without spices, the color of the cake when done will be according to the spices and fruit contained. (See Dundee Cake).

Good Plum Cake

Is made of 1 lb. butter, 1 lb. brown sugar, 9 eggs, 1 1/4 lb. flour. 1 b. currants, 1 lb. stoned raisins or seedless raisins chopped, 1/2 lb. citron, 4 oz. almonds blanched and split, nutmeg, grated lemon rind, 1 glass whiskey; baked in a mould lined with buttered paper.

Pluviers (Fr)



To cook in a pocket or pouch; to cook in a very little water.

Poached Eggs

Cooked in a shallow pan of water in rings - muffin rings - which keep them in shape, or, cooked in more water which is made to rotate in the pan by stirring before the egg is dropped in, which carries the egg while the outside cooks in good shape.

Poached Quenelles

Small balls of delicate forcemeat are poached in little broth, to be taken up easily at the right moment Sometimes the surfaces of large quenelles are decorated and must be poached without the decoration being covered.

Poche (Fr)


Oeufs Poches

Poached eggs.


Same thing as mirepoix, except the color. Pofile is white or colorless broth of bacon and ham with vegetables, used to boil chickens, sweetbreads, etc., in instead of water.

Poires (Fr)